HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


I’ve never been a fan of that rule. Good players still go from small clubs (CCM) to big clubs all the time, but the small team gets nothing out of the deal. I can’t see how it wouldn’t benefit the smaller clubs more than the big ones, who would almost certainly end up paying overs for emerging and slightly-above-average talent.


Charles and Tongyik confirmed as Roar signings for the rest of the season: https://www.brisbaneroar.com.au/news/signing-news-talented-young-duo-join-brfc

Good luck to Charles. Hope he goes the way of Petratos, Chianese and Blackwood


I’m quite sure that @himmelblau is right about the transfer fee thing. I don’t know whether it was actually a rule or not, but it was definitely something reported in the media way back, and was also in my understanding still in effect.

Not the loan rules, not the ban on domestic transfer fees; but that transfer fees were included in the salary cap.

My understanding was that without it you could trivially make transfer arrangements where part of the fee is paid by the selling club to the player to make them willing to accept an unrealistically low in-cap salary at the HAL club.


Gatt saying Risdon to western Melbourne and bills cousin to Wanderers


Just what they need, another winger with questionable end product.


Hope he stays at Reds. I really like what they are building.


Its such a shame for him that his off-season was so disrupted, because it looked like a good and trouble-free 2018/19 season could’ve seen him go overseas. He would be absolutely mad to go to the Wanderers. Such a step down.


Yeah, I agree.

OK, I have to confess, I’ve never understood why he’s called Bill’s cousin. Can you explain? :neutral_face:


There is (was?) a forum member named Bill who constantly referred to his cousin in the AU youth team. That is/was Nikola Mileusenic.


Ah, thanks. Case closed.


Just love the fact that he’s never referred to by name, only as Bill’s cousin.

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If Bills cousin joins the NorthWest tryhards,then Shitorio must be headed OS.

Its only a rumour,but the Tahitian league are interested!


Highly unlikely he goes there. Since when did they sign Serbs?

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Well Poppa is gone.


Risdon confirmed as a Melbourne expansion signing. Credit to him still managing to talk up the fans


Has he supported them since he was a kid?

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well they are a big club


I also liked how they talked about themselves in the third person in an article on their own website


As a kid running around in Bunburry he often dreamt about playing for the most ambitious, passionately supported and biggest club in Australia. His dreams of this always had him in a green kit playing in Melbourne.

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Always dreamed to play for them.