HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


I actually prefer it to the second person that has always been all over our clubs communication. “Your Sydney FC” just grates with me for some reason. Best though is surely first person collective though, “we”, “us” etc…


Glory linked with Bonevacia


Probably decent news for NWSW. He blows cold more than hot these days.


I give 1,000,000 troll points to Bossi for the hidden gem “mass exodus from Blacktown”. Let them always be reminded their home is basically Sydney’s anus, it’s a ghetto out there.

RE: Roly, I put shit on him most weeks but called it when Wests signed him, he’s only good for about 4-6 games per season. Was equally inconsistent (i.e. mostly bog average) at Wellington too.

Can’t pass / create, can’t tackle, questionable work rate and consistently pushed off the ball too easily. I’ll grant that at this level he’s above average when pulling the trigger from outside the box, but that’s about it. Pretty much a waste of a foreign spot for most, though as stated Perth may have a few spots to kill there so maybe they’re just looking at him for depth or replacing Ferreira.


Means Rhyan is a lock at RB for the next 2 years. Gong to be hard for Risdon to look good in a brand new team.

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Taggart linked to a move to Korea


He didn’t look that good for the Wanderers, either. It was a bit of a weird move for him, even when he first signed. I bet he’s kicking himself now Popovic is on the verge of, at minimum, delivering a Premiers Plate for Perth.


Taggart is off to Asia according to Fox. Club as yet unconfirmed, subject to medical but other terms have been agreed.


Ok, so which A-League club is he pitching up at next and when?
By start of next season?


Genuinely hope he makes a mark there. We need it. Apparently its Suwon.


Would be great if it is Suwon.


Weak source but this would be fuuuuuuuunny if true.

Random one but anyone else recall Matt McKay clearly calling Sebba a “faggot” a few years back on the telecast?


Sounds likely. It’s not uncommon to have a clause cause like that.


Fox mentioned earlier that Kwabena Appiah is back trialling with Newcastle, being lined up as an injury replacement for Jason Hoffman.

It should surprise no one that Appiah’s deal in Korea was terminated after one season. His agent deserves a medal for engineering that shit to start with.


Taylor re-signs for next season with the Nux:

He’s been a massive part of their success this season.


Got to admit its pretty cool guys like Steven Taylor going over to a club like the Nux and buy into whatever the club’s plans are. Good for the league.


There was a lot of legwork that went into securing his signature and that was consolidated earlier on in the season.


Tard Skelper, the Robin of the Killer B’s and serial squatter Mark Bridge is retiring, or more accurately not going to bother phoning in performances, at the end of the season.


Pretty sure I called that his career would end as a result of injury from too much squatting in the season predictions thread on the old forum.


I know its covert agent but:

Amazing that a guy who was such a rising talent in La Liga is, at whats meant to be his peak years, playing for Adelaide Comets