HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


Robbie Kruse has been frozen out in Germany. That’s who you’re talking about, yeah? :wink:


But it’s not there to recruit people. It’s there to show NAB’s support for football to football fans. It’s not like it’s an FFA/A-league recruitment campaign.


Agreed, that just means we’re getting even LESS for our $1.6M.


Yes, Simon Hill tells us that we will ‘one day follow a club because our grandparents told us to’… and we wonder why there is still a disconnect with the A-League and the ‘traditional football community’


It was what SH was told as a todler, he really wanted to be a United fan!


50 times is a conservative estimate. I can’t wait until August so they have to come up with something else.

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Also Glory signed Fornaroli


I know its goal but:

otirio contemplating Wanderers exit

3 days ago 22/3/19

The Western Sydney Wanderers attacker is reportedly considering his future after receiving offers from other clubs.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Sotirio has told teammates that clubs from Melbourne and France have shown interest in his services.

The 23-year-old holds both Australian and French citizenship making a potential move to Europe considerably easier.

Sotirio has been with the Wanderers since 2013 and dedicated a recent goal celebration to fans that have questioned his ability in recent seasons.


haha, I’ve been shit for years but suck this I scored a goal


Assuming ALL of this is true (and considering its goal, it probably isn’t), that can surely only mean he’s going to Western United. Muscat may be a carnt but is certainly not stupid enough to sign someone as shit as Sotirio. You’d think even City would pass him up, as well.

But he’s getting offers from France!? It can’t be for football. I thought the French were way smarter than that.


Western United knocked back in an approach for Pato


That seems a little ‘stupid’ as he would be great - must want truckloads of $$$

Fox pod reckons they have ‘the best to play in the a-league’ lined-up if Murray Shaw is to be believed.


Probably not such a hard choice for him. Whilst the option to live in Australia with a new club hed know nothing about what the club is or manager is. Other option is going back home. Once Sao Paulo were in Western probably didnt have a chance but having some form of identity would have helped


I misread your first post as though WU knocked back Pato - not the other way around


Kurto to Western United


Gotta mean Rudan will be there next season then.


Brilliant signing for WU. Kurto has been so good for the Nux.

Pretty rare that goalkeepers are used for a foreign spot in this league. I can understand the Phoenix needing to do that, as all of their goalkeeping options last season were not good enough.

More teams will hopefully mean opportunities for NPL keepers to make a step up, and fuck off shit cunts like Ben Kennedy, who has no business having an A-League contract.


Yeah you’d think so.

Kurto is a real coup. There’s not a lot of Australian keepers as good as him in the league, and all of them are contracted.


The World Game is suggesting that Barbourouses to WSW on a marquee deal.


He’ll play one season, then whinge about something and end up back at Melbourne on a cheaper deal in cap