HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


i dont know if its all up to him to ‘fill the glaring needs’

he obviously doesnt/didnt want Diawara, thats all on the higher ups. His signings have been quite solid. This new guy stinks but getting a striker in January is extrememly tough. He’s brought through a great group of young kids and plays a style very suited to what he has.

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Not to mention the fact Adelaide has had like 857 injuries for the last season and a half. Hardly a coincidence.

I can see that going REALLY well with a Brisbane squad with an average age of about 35.


Adelaide fans are GF contestants for biggest cunts in the league. Obviously the Tards and Wanderers are solid top 2 year in, year out and probably the 2 biggest clubs in Asia but Adelaide fans have got so much to offer. Ive been for 4 or 5 games, not going back.

Hope that Tesla battery shits itself and they all die in their shitty, sandy homes.


^^^ this guy knows what’s up, he speaks the truth.


Yeah it’s hard to argue with any of that. I’d read again


Josh McDonald released by the Mariners. Has he ever played a game?


4 appearances off the bench for a total of 72 minutes game time. 2 of those were for Wests back in 15/16, 2 for CCM this season. Ultimate A-League is the shizz.


Georgievski is heading to Wanderers. Thought Western would have snapped him up


More likely the end of Llorente than replacing Risdon imo.


Such a shame if true. Llorente is one of the biggest wastes of a foreign spot currently in the league.

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As I maintained, Honda has been a fine player, but should not have been allowed near any collective marquee fund:


However, Victory appear to have paid Honda around $2 million out of their own pockets, without any discernible uptick in off-field metrics or attendances, whether playing at home or away.


He was definitely worth it. I think Victory have used him pretty poorly tbh

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He hasn’t sung yet. Yet.


Yeah, I think he was worth it. If he hadn’t been injured then I think he’d have had more of an impact. I think there’s more to it though - I recon Muscat is throwing down the Gauntlet - essentially challenging Honda to show that he’s better than what the stats may show - a handy thing to do leading into the finals. Honda is an absolute professional and something like that will only drive him to do better.

I also think though that they do have someone in mind for next season regardless, someone decent by the sounds of things.


There’s no way he was worth it as a league investment as evidenced by lack of impact on attendances home or away, TV ratings etc. That’s what the pool fund is there for, not merely to get clubs a player who’ll do well for them. I’m not disputing Honda’s quality or impact when fit, but that’s Melbourne’s business, and so they should pay for it like everyone else is paying for their marquees.

The pool money is there to grow the league. Per RedKat, Melbourne used him poorly. That may be the case, but Honda just doesn’t bring in the Euro fanbois, and hasn’t brought out a whole lot of Japanese to his matches because they’re not a particularly large community in Australia, and they are not football mad like other nationalities are.


$1.6M from FFA for him to practice 5 words of English on that NAB ad. That’s about the sum total of league promotion he’s done.


there was an NAB ad?


I think it’s NAB. It’s got Simon Hill and Steph Catley and Honda mumbles “the world will watch us” while looking as staunch as poss. Only ever seen it during match broadcasts so it’s not going to be seen by anyone not already tuning in.


The one they play about 50 times during every football game. I’ve got the words pretty imprinted in my mind but only playing it during games really preaches to the converted