HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


Don’t know much about him. Hopefully it will be more than just this season.


Mariners also chasing James Donachie very hard.


He was at Reading with ALF during our glory years… was a very good player, not sure what hes been doing for the last few years


Wow, that’s a name I haven’t seen in ages. Was not too bad at Rovers but that was around 10 years ago.


I’m not sure why A-league teams don’t look more seriously at this. There’s definitely a couple of teams who could benefit from one or two of these guys.

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I know there were talks of going +1 this season that got dropped potentially for good but it makes so much sense to go +1 a season after the acl to give clubs a starting point.

I’ve got no idea how good Chehtri actually is, he could well be another Mifsud,or how much he earns but he seems like worth a look


Chhetri may get a lot of the Indian community going to watch him play, especially if he signs for Western Suburb, but the guy is 34 and the fact he is still playing in India instead of a European club would indicate his quality won’t be enough to justify his signing. He might have been worth the risk 4-8 years ago but not now. He’d probably be paid well in the Super League, too.


Fairly sure this would not happen.

In other news Jarred Gillett leaving at the end of March to take up an academic appointment in the UK, and has also been appointed as a Group 2 (Championship level) referee over there.


Many of potential Asian targets do not provide any value. They are stars in their own country and get paid far too much at home.


Ray Gatt saying Duke is going to be back playing here. Word is that he is already doing his medical at WSW


Theyre going for another winger? Disappointing to miss out on him but we probably couldnt offer a guaranteed starting spot.


Yeah, just what they need… :rofl:


I mean, after last night Babble probably isn’t too upset benching Soterio for someone new, even if he has been playing wing back.


There has actually been very little movement of players this January… maybe because the top 6 is basically already decided.


Yeah it is remarkably quiet. Not even that many mutual terminations.


Shit players are holding off for west Melbourne

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Mariners have signed Jem Karacan


Can’t argue that they’re not at least trying to improve.

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Victory fans also convinced theyre resigned Donachie


City also offering MacLaren a massively backended deal