HELP! - Post here if you need assistance

as the title says.

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The new forum looks fantastic and the speed with which one can reply is a dramatic improvement over the two minutes plus wait time of the previous forum. There does, however, seem to be one glitch.

The forum is showing me as JeffreyM and not as Clovis.


Ooh. Shiny. Did we get the optional sunroof?

So tomorrow night will be the acid test. Will the forum cope with a thousand complaints about Josh Brilliante’s loss of form?


Forum looks amazing! Although I’m slightly disappointed with the severe lack of cup holders

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@jubal1 you mentioned elsewhere that usernames with spaces can be problematic for tagging etc.
Could you change mine to remove the space please?


That’s what I call prompt service!
Cheers! :beer:

It’s there a way to make a quote appear in your post?

Highlight the text and then a ‘quote’ button will appear.

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I’ve just got a message that I can’t make more than three posts in the Adelaide match thread because I am a new user. I know the forum is new, but I’m certainly not.

Had issues logging in on mobile using saved login.

Was just giving me an error page with a ridiculously long session ID and a note to contact administrator, no ability to logout or clear session and try again.

But came back post game and server issues and it’s working fine.

Is there a way to change the preferences so I don’t automatically get emails if people reply to me?

Yep, in your profile under preferences 3rd menu item down is email settings


Could I please have my shown username changed to Blue Sky? My original username is syd85 but had the shown username reverted to syd85 in the change to this forum.

Cheers in advance.

Given the space and character limit to use all features of this forum, can I get my username changed to HatchbackOwner? People will need to assume that it is modest.

Suggested username could be ModestHatchback_Ownr - which is the same amount of characters you have currently. Just an idea?

I think I saw somewhere that Jubdal said it needs to be sub 15 characters.

My bad. I just looked at your current truncated length and matched it.