Home Improvement thread

Not sure where else to put this, so I figured I’d start a new thread for help on all things around the house.

Anyone know a good, reliable electrician/Washing machine repair company around the inner west?

I moved into a new house 2 years ago and have done about 10% of things I want to do. I might not be as handy (or motivated) as i thought I was.

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We are just about to undertake a (fairly) heft extension/renovation but everything seems to be shitting out at the same time

We’ve been there 8 years so i guess that is the life cycle of things like Washing machines, Ovens etc

Yes but I can’t remember his name off the top of my head…I have his details at home though. He was an English guy, turned up when he said he would and was very reasonable. Fixed the machine on the spot.

Magic - if you can post or send me his details that would be fantastic

Anyone want to come and install insulation in my ceiling?

I can pay with rants about P&R.

I’ve been looking at moving into a house just so I can do some woodworking in a garage. I’ve never done it before, apart from the useless woodworking classes in high school.

Spent countless hours watching people making live edge epoxy tables on YouTube.

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Awesome thread actually!

We’re looking at ripping out our kitchen and starting from scratch. Would anyone know any decent joiners?

We made an appointment with a planner from Kinsman Kitchens do get an idea of what we could do, but the prick refused to deal with us after we told him we wouldn’t spend 30K on the spot…

I used Kitchenworks who have a showroom at the Belrose supacentre. I’d say they’d service anywhere around Sydney as most of the trades seemed to be from out west anyway. They were good with price and did a good job. There were a few issues, but I’ve come to expect that.

We did a full reno of our unit (kitchen, two bathrooms, floors, wardrobes, painting). I did some of it myself (painting and wardrobes) but left the harder stuff to the experts.

Kitchens are the worst. I ended up getting a cabinet guy (friend of a friend) and a tiler and a plumber and running it like 3 totally seperate projects. Saved a lot compared to insane initial quotes but obviously spent a bit of time.

Can’t help with your specific request but , in general, unless the machine is less than 2 years old, the call-out fee (usually $250+) plus the repair costs make it impractical to repair. If you end up paying $500+, you’re as well off just buying a new one. This has been my experience with every major household appliance over the last 10-15 years.

…and Kogarah.

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Yeah that make sense. Thing is when we complete the renovation we are going to have enough space for separate washer and dryer so I am loathe to buy a new combination machine in the interim

Did you ring the guy @Jabbatron recommended?

On my list of things to do… will 100% give him a call

Finally found a suitable time to get this guy out - fantastic service, decent price & and nice guy

Appreciate the recommendation

Great to hear there are still reliable, affordable appliance repair guys in this town. Good call, @Jabbatron

So I’ve decided to replace my manky old chromed tapware with fancy satin black contemporary jobbies.

Now the new bath spout doesn’t reach the tiles. Just a quick look says I can remove the nipple it screws onto and replace it with a shorter one. Does that sound right?

I’ll have to dig the silicone out so I want to double check before I do that.