How do you pronounce that again? - The new bogan names thread


I really enjoyed the bogan names thread from the old board.

i shall get the ball rolling

a student enrolled for this semester… bexleigh…:nauseated_face:

and my personal favourite from the old SFCU… jayrelle


Some of the names that appear on the ID scanner at work every Saturday night will see this thread remain active.


One of my kids has an Ottoman in his class.

No, not to rest your feet on. A student.


image ?






Shania. Specifically the number of 18-21 year olds with said name. You’d be hard pressed to find one outside of that age range apart from Twain.


Realistically, I recon she’d be Loudoffensivevonne.


wife was watching queer eye last night. There was a kid called Nevaeh