Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread


I work in customer service so I will be

I work a full day on the 24th so being hungover is not an option.


Yeah, the reviews were absolutely glowing.


Yes the review in SMH pretty much nailed it. Extraordinary performance from extraordinary artist. Had to be seen to be believed, and yep I do feel enormously fortunate to have been there.


Very late on this post, but “We went from Eminem to Cheddar Bob” is hilarious.


Going to see Interpol in January, can’t wait. New album is a belter.

Death Cab announced shows at the Opera House, but their new album hasn’t done much for me and it’s not on a weekend, so will probably give it a miss. They were great last time they came here though.


Wow, I used to listen to Interpol years ago. Bright Lights was a definitive album that I had on regular rotation. I’ll have to check out the new album.


Yeah, it’s great. Their best since Our Love to Admire IMO. Opening song (If You Really Love Nothing) is one of my favourites of 2018.



Did you go to the show a few weeks back, Ruprecht?
Pretty enjoyable gig, when you’ve got that kind of quality back catalogue to select from.


No, mate , I was working and could not get the time off…spewin’


Bah that sucks.
It’s good that new album, innit?


I’ve heard most of it… I. .er…buckled and bought it for myself (for Christmas, yeah?) this morning. That song is just sublime though



Geez I must be getting old. I have heard of maybe 3 or 4 of those artists but don’t own 1 album of the 50


See thread title. :wink:


yes it’s the kids who are wrong :sunglasses:


This might be the first year I’ve looked at the year end lists and thought wtf.

I had a good run being somewhat with it musically.


Sebastien Leger last night was all time. As good as it gets.


Xmas Even. 2 sets, no supports, just about 3 hours of Ash Naylor’s genius and Wally’s sick bass lines and harmonies. :+1:


Are you old when you occasionally listen to Triple J to see what’s trending, but can’t stand either the music or the radio commentary, and the teenage listeners texting in to say “I’m diggin’ it”, and “I’m totally chillin’ to this rad tune” for the 100th time?

I did recently buy all 3 Sticky Fingers albums one by one though, great driving music, even better that they have roots in Newtown, takes me back to my uni days in the early 2000s drinking at Marly’s and turning up to pharmacology loaded with pharmaceuticals.