Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread

Yet they released albums after that point…

Good album, but that song was overplayed about 10 trillion times.

The Offspring - Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)
The Wiggles - Elephant
The Reubens - Hoops
Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man
Ocean Alley - Confidence
Alex Lloyd - Amazing
Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
Dennis Leary - Asshole
Powderfinger - These Days
Powderfinger - My Happiness
Macklemore - Thrift Shop
A & J Stone - Big Jet Plane
Glass Animals - Heatwaves
Bernard Fanning - Wish you Well
Jet - Are you Gonna be My Girl
Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Flume - Say Nothing
Doja - Paint the Town Red
Billie Eilish - Bad Guy
Chet Faker - Talk is Cheap
Vance Joy - Riptide
Flume - Never be like you
The Whitman’s - No Aphrodisiac
Augie March - One Crowded Hour
The Cranberries - Zombie
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Oasis - Wonderwall
Queens of the Stone Age - No one Knows
Spiderbait - Buy Me a Pony
Gotye - Somebody that I Used to Know
Kendrick Lamar - Humble

Thats all of them, I think. Ranked worst to best.

Off rip, but happy with that list. Fuck there are some dreary, miserable songs in that list. Almost bumped Pretty Fly up a place just for having some energy - but fuck that song.

I am so wasted on the interwebz.

Filth pig also has the last ever best and better than the original cover song of all time. Lay lady lay.
Although making a Dylan song sound better is not hard, at this point in time I believe it would be unachievable.
Also this album cover could easily be mistaken for something by M&M shady.

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I accidentally got free tickets to a Dylan concert at the Opera House once. @Sydney_Rovers refused to come and it took me a while to fill out the seats.

About 10 mins into the gig we realised why Rovers had no interest in going to the Dylan concert.


Heading out to see The Darkness on Saturday at the Hordern. 20th anniversary of the release of the first album, so they’re playing that front to back as well as some covers and miscellaneous. Should be fun.

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If that was at the Enmore I would have gone. I’m deeply suspicious of the Hordern, haven’t been for years though so maybe things have improved.

Hordern is still shit and you still need to move a couple of times to find one of the spots where the sound is decent.

Used to love the Hordern back in the day but cbf getting far enough up front or finding one of those pockets these days so recently declined QOTSA.

Pretty much down to Enmore, Metro or smaller in old age. :older_man:

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Calexico at The Factory Sun 18

The rolling stones are still alive?

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Mudvayne at the Hordern tonight. It’s been almost 20 years since I last saw them. I’m hoping the whole place doesn’t just sound like a train going past.

I was in a meeting the other day so I started incorporating Rolling Stones lyrics from assorted songs into regular conversation. Nobody noticed but it made me less bored.

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I remember writing Michael Jackson lyrics into university exams. My mates would always ask why I was laughing so much throughout the exams, but I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna cite one of last centuries greatest scholars when I’m talking about the negatives of black/white binary view points!


QOTSA last night were pretty damned tight last night. Sound was pretty good for the Hordern. Pond were also incredibly fun. Wish I had of seen more of their set though.

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Made a very rare exception to the “no stadium / arena” rule today for Pearl Jam tickets. Been to every Sydney show ever with the exception of 2014 Big Day Out (the 5-0 Australia Day Massacre took precedence :wink: ).

But FMD. At $230 a pop that streak will be ending, cannot justify half a grand total for a second show.

Am I way off base here by being surprised that Pearl Jam would go for a stadium show in 2024?

I would not have guessed they still had a fanbase enough to go beyond a Qudos arena size venue.

I saw Pearl Jam last at whatever QUDOS was years ago, when they turned the lights out Eddie so he’d get off stage after lighting up a cigarette and drinking red wine directly from the bottle.

Must have been 15+ years ago?

Because I’m a sad cunt and have this info handy the 3 Acer shows were November 2006. :wink:

Since then it’s only been SFS November 2009 and BDO 2014.

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