It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread

It really is a new low every day.

I liked how they blamed Malcom for what occurred on the weekend.

Well he’s (Turnbull) responding in kind on Twitter today.


This is an actual interview with our actual Prime Minister. Try reading this and NOT hearing these two voices as you do, it’s impossible! It’s straight out of a Clarke and Dawe comedy sketch.

"JOURNALIST: Then why have the bus?

PRIME MINISTER: Because it gets me from A to B.

JOURNALIST: Will you be taking the bus to Rockhampton from here?

PRIME MINISTER: Yes. The bus will be going to Rockhampton from here. That’s right.

JOURNALIST: With you on it?

PRIME MINISTER: I’ve got to get there earlier than the bus tonight.

JOURNALIST: So you will be flying to Rockhampton?

PRIME MINISTER: I’ll get into Rockhampton tonight and I’ve got a programme tonight in Rockhampton and the bus can’t get me there quick enough so I’ve got to fly.

JOURNALIST: So you’ll be flying to Rockhampton and the bus will catch up with you and then you’ll fly onto Townsville?

PRIME MINISTER: I’ll be flying onto Townsville. And your point is what?

JOURNALIST: I’m just interested in the point of the bus if you’re not on it.

PRIME MINISTER: I am on it, I just got off it.

JOURNALIST: But not onto Rockhampton or Townsville?

PRIME MINISTER: Yeah well it’s a practical thing. I want to spend as much time on the ground with Queenslanders, and when I can be on the bus and go from place to place on the bus, that’s great. "



It’s going to be tricky being party leader when you’re not an MP Tones, your constituents fucking hate you just like everyone else who isn’t a slavering racist fuckwad.

Yeah I’m not sure I like his odds. Certainly the disconnect between the base and the federal party is a well-known problem though and this feels like an extension of that.

To be fair, leader of the opposition is the one job he seems innately cut out for. An entirely destructive job, where undermining, constant negativity and lack of any need for real decision-making or vision - it’s almost as if he were a perfect machine designed to be successful with that task.
Though it’d be nice if he got it, but this time the electorate let him grind away in opposition for 3 years before telling him “yeah…nah”.

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Didn’t quite the whole post but is brilliant!! :rofl:

Liberal MP Andrew Laming has been arguing with a Simpsons meme Facebook page (and not for the first time might I add). It went as well as you imagine.

Paul Keating is on the 7:30 report. It’s a pleasure to watch a master at work.

You know, we may just loose the next election but im okay with it. As far as i’m concerned being a liberal member for many years, we have actually dug our grave so deep that only a Labor Government will make us look attractable again.

But it’s quite funny how irrational people are when it comes to policy. No matter where the Libs vote on policy matters there is backlash, hate and all sorts of satirical labels… if only those complaining would recognise that alteast we call a shot and stick with it… all i have seen from Bill is wign wign wign, pointing fingers and playing victim. That is why even after Turnbull was rolled… Australians still preferred Scomo in his first month as PM compared to years of Bill opposition.

I think it’s pretty customary for oppositions to be this way. Their focus is supposed to be in large part on the government of the day.
I actually think the Libs have in this term in office spent far too much time complaining about Labor - it’s now nearly 6 years since power changed, so I’d expect more leadership. Sco Mo has been spectacularly poor in this respect. He has been incredibly reactive and clearly lacks any ideas or vision for this country’s future.
This is a bit of a modern disease on both sides btw - because winning elections is a much simpler proposition than governing - it has clear deadlines and outcomes and is a game unto itself - it is a much more enjoyable and rewarding “game” than the day-to-day shitfight where no matter what the decisions you make are, you will make people angry, unhappy, worse off or a combination of all these.


I saw that. Rather than just complaining about the other side, he addressed complex concepts with clarity and detail. Then, yeah, he put the boot in, with the context he’d set.

A giant compared to the lightweights on both sides and all levels of government today.

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This is satire, right?

Good win in Victoria. Terrible campaign by the libs.

Only negative is that the win means Dan Andrews won’t be going federal anytime soon.

Hopefully the federal mob notice that progressive policies do actually get traction with the electorate.

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A rousing rebuke of dogwhistle politics. Great to see.

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With any luck, the Federal Election will go the same way. I’m not usually a fan of one party having both the lower and upper house at once, but Labor really needs to have the maximum opportunity to start reversing the damage the Liberal Party have done to our nation domestically and abroad.