It's still nil all boys! - The Park Football Thread

Football’s back baby, football is back!

Once again providing unequivocal proof that 2-0 up is the most dangerous scoreline in football, my side came back to win 3-2 against probably our strongest rival for this season.
Down 2-0 with 20 to go away from home and no subs on the bench, using the standard park football motivators of wanting it more, getting stuck in, an opposition supporter calling one of our players “ya fuckin’ dog” and a 2nd yellow card to our RB not accompanied by the mandatory red, we scored 3 goals in 10 minutes and held on for the win.


I feel like you didn’t read what the thread is about :stuck_out_tongue:

… I am REALLY losing it :joy:

Cue latest study raises alarm over deleterious effects of screen time/gaming on memory, cognition, social interaction, intellectual development, etc, etc, etc.

SFCU, the downfall of humanity

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And proud of it.

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I’m still on the ACL recovery trail, might register to play in a month or two if the boys need me and I’m feeling good.

But just went through to register as team manager so I can sit on the bench and manage subs etc… FMD, this new Football Account system is atrocious. I’ve also coached the last 7 years, the old rego system with your FFA number was seamless by comparison.

First game of the season, 4-2 win and a hat trick. Very happy.

We had our first game yesterday and had a 6-1 win. Bathurst District Football spent a shitload of money last year returfing and adding drainage to the 3 main fields at Proctor Park and they are mint. It was so good to play on.

Can’t be easy to create a system so much more difficult to navigate than a previous one. Some might say it requires a certain amount of genius.

Nice to hear a story where football fields are being looked after for people to play on.

Who do you play for? I used to play in BDF for a few years.

But yeah, Proctor Park is pretty good at the moment. Will be interesting to see how it looks later in the season.

Bathurst 75 2nd grade.
Yeah the fields do get a fair bit of use, but hopefully with them sorting out the drainage issues they hold up OK.
My only complaint was the grass was a little long so it was a bit heavy to play on.

Finally finished it after I leave. Cunts.

Please, you were 4th grade scum like I was. As if either of us were ever going to get a game on the new turf…

I spent last season refereeing. My knee wasn’t anywhere near ready to play on but I could run on it, I was just cautious when needing to turn quickly. Not only was it good for rebuilding the strength and my confidence in my knee it also resulted in me being much fitter than I was prior to the injury. While I still missed the playing aspect each weekend, by remaining involved I didn’t feel “injured”.
I’m still refereeing this season but because I’ve gone back to playing I’m not getting as many games and find that I miss it a bit like I missed playing last season.

Out of interest, how do you get into reffing local games?

Assuming your in Football NSW click on your relevant associations referees page here.
Once you complete the course you have register to referee (same process as playing) & buy your kit. This can cost a couple of hundred dollars but your association may allow you to have it deducted from your match fees with only the course requiring upfront payment. Your match fees (tax-free) are paid into your account by the association so there’s no chasing up money from a hostile club treasurer/secretary anymore. Depending on how many games you get per weekend you will have it paid for within 2-4 weeks. Last year I had games Friday night, Saturday & Sunday almost every weekend with 8 being the most I did. While it sounds a lot 3 were kids games and one was 4th div womens so it wasn’t all running mind you the higher up you referee the easier it is to read and anticipate the game thus reducing your needless running.
Up here they have a “green shirt” initiative where, until you are assessed during a match as being competent, you have to wear a green shirt. Last season was the first for it and it has been continued this year with players generally being more respectful to officials just starting out, especially young kids running the line.

Bit the bullet and decided to register to play again this season…

First game 8pm on Monday…

Who you playing for?
You still in BDF?