It's to Hot in Dallas in Winter! - The NHL Thread


The NHL season is in full swing at the moment.

2020 Winter Classic being held in Dallas seems to be causing a little bit of a controversial decision

Vancouver are having a decent season, really glad four other teams passed on Elias Pettersson because he’s been amazing so far this season.

Really liked the look of the Blackhawks Winter Classic jersey.

Anyone else got any thoughts on the season so far?


Very happy with the Avalanche season so far (other than the last 2 weeks) very impressed with Joe Sakic as GM as well. Rantanen and McKinnon are killing it but we don’t have a Stanley Cup standard goaltender. Tampa Bay and Toronto are my picks.

If you’re looking for ways to watch games has great quality streams for every game


Tampa always seem to struggle in the playoffs though, they’ve been very strong in regular season play for the last couple of years but haven’t transferred it to the playoffs. Obviously having Stamkos healthy will make a massive difference to that.


Controversial decision? Because for the first time in a ages the league has decided to pick somewhere outside the usual suspects (2011 was a last time the WC featured two non-Original Six teams)? Screw the haters, the Cotton Bowl is a great location plus at least it won’t be in Jerry’s stadium the middle of nowhere (aka Arlington). Interested to see who they pick at our opponent, division rival like the Preds would be a pretty good choice but they may hold off until Nashville can host a game.

Nobody expected the Flames to be anywhere this good, even with the new coach. Pity they will probably end up facing the Ducks in the first round and shit the bed as usual.

The Jets still look strong plus the Leafs are rolling which is starting to give the rest of Canada heartburn thinking about the waves of fans that will come out of the woodwork when the playoffs start. Also good to see Carolina and Buffalo get their shit together after some pretty lean periods.

Fuck Pittsburgh.


I’d only say controversial because of weather really. It’s not the coldest in Texas in January but hopefully I am proven wrong.

I’m excited to see other teams get a shot at it.


Usually single digit weather in January down there plus the two stadium series games they played in California were played when the temperature was in the teens, so it’s a bit of a non-issue.

Elias Pettersson goes on IR for a couple weeks with an MCL sprain, is he going to stay healthy enough to win rookie of the year?


But if I remember correctly there was ice issues with those games in California.

He’s way out in front of that race so it all depends on how others go whilst he’s out and how he comes back. I’d rather him not win rookie of the year and be back 100% ready to play.




Showing the ice hockey on ESPN from All Stars weekend according to an ad I just saw while watching the college basketball.


All Star game has definitely become more fun since they switched it to a 3-on-3 format.

Three and a half years after winning a generational player via the draft lottery, the Oilers have realised that you actually need to build a competent team to support him so they’ve fired Peter Chiarelli (during the 2nd intermission of last night’s game no less). The list of trades he’s made since moving to Edmonton is pretty damming, especially what they got in return of Jordan Eberle.


His list of transactions is just criminal - amazing he lasted this long.