It's to Hot in Dallas in Winter! - The NHL Thread


Not the right opponent but a very accurate description of that series.

Talks around Tkachuck’s new contract are all the rage at the moment but I’m more concerned about the top line. Are these the guys that will get past round 1 next season? Not enough fight or size in them IMO.

Not fussed on who wins from here. St Louis would be funny as they finished 2018 31st in the league.


The thing that surprised me was unlike their last two playoff series it wasn’t the Flames goalies that let them down (I still think Mike Smith is a fucking fraud). Tkachuck’s contract will get done, no way they will let it get to another Nylander situation or getting an offer sheet.


The Blues have done it 4-1 winners in Game 7!


Congrats, Blues!

Not a bad start to Binnington’s career.




Binnington peaked very early in his career. Was unplayable in game 7


The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded veteran forward Patrick Marleau, a conditional first-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and a seventh-round pick in 2020 to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for a 2020 sixth-rounder.


Phil Kessel was traded to the Arizona Coyotes by the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday.

Pittsburgh receives forward Alex Galchenyuk and defenseman prospect Pierre-Olivier Joseph in the trade. Arizona also got a fourth-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft and minor league defenseman Dane Birks.