I've got a bad feeling about this – The Star Wars Thread

Post all of your Star Wars stuff here.

Has anyone been watching Star Wars Resistance? I’ve enjoyed it so far.

Star Wars Minute is back, doing The Force Awakens now.
Been meaning to get into Resistance - good? Only seen the first episode.

I forgot this thread existed - sorry for polluting the movies thread.

I am excited for the Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian looks brilliant. That first trailer with the futuristic music was more blade runner than star wars, but it sounded epic.

I’m also excited for Clone Wars and I think Cassian has the potential to be an interesting spy type show.

I love Obi Wan, but I kind of like the idea of him just living as a hermit and having no interaction with Luke and Owen until IV. A 6 episode mini series might be too much.

Jedi Fallen order out next week and it’s meant to be a game of the year contender.

The good news is that we get disney+ a week after the USA (Europe gets it next March for some reason).
I’ve never seen the clone wars and only a bit of rebels and resistance, so looking forward to getting into them too. I have a child so I’m allowed to watch cartoons.

I’ve seen all of Clone Wars and Rebels. There are some interesting episodes and some real expanding of the mythology. However, some of the episodes are very child orientated. Particularly early seasons of Clone Wars.

Resistance is entirely for kids so I’ve not really seen much.

Please no mandalorian spoilers

Is mandolorian a full season or week by week episodes?

It’s week by week, although the spacing is a bit all over the shop - gaps between episodes vary from 3-9 days.

The preview yesterday looked pretty damn good.

Part Man, Part Delorean.

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Disney + launched here in the US yesterday. I won’t post anything episode specific, but I’ll say it’s a show Star Wars fans will enjoy. Not convinced non Star Wars fans will enjoy it.

The episode dived straight into the story and was very fast paced. It may have even been a little too fast! It was only 40min and could have benefited from another 20min to flesh things out.

It has an original trilogy vibe. Lots of nods towards that as well as a few subtle ones to the Clone Wars/Rebels. Since Dave Filoni directed the episode, that should surprise nobody. It’s very obviously a TV show on a movie budget. It looked superb.

Minor gripes, there were a few scenes were the acting wasnt great and the dialogue was a little wooden. Some of the humour was a little forced at times as well.

Episodes are generally going to he released on Friday mornings US time. I think there is a random mid week release just before Episode 9.

What age did people introduce their kids to Star Wars? I just realized I will probably get to do that with my nephew at some point in time (his dad is a bit of a dropkick), but he’s only 5 now so I imagine it’s a few more years off.

Think I was about 7 when I first remember watching ROTJ on tv. I’ve loved it ever since.

My boys were pretty young - maybe seven or eight.

Watched the first episode of Mandalorian and it seems pretty bad.

Spent most of the episode wondering what was the point of anything that was happening. Having the main characters either wearing helmets or being droids probably doesn’t help. And between all of the shooty-bangs there were about 5 lines of dialogue?

The blacksmith scene was almost laughably awkward.

The ending sets up a what could be a hint at a plot, though, so hopefully the first ep is just setting the scene? Ni

I’m enjoying it, good fun.

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Watched the second one and I think I understand what it is a bit more now.

It’s interesting because it’s narratively very sparse. Almost like a silent film, there’s virtually no dialogue. There’s no explanation of anyone’s motives, but you kind of just have to go with it. Quite slow, but short - the second ep is less than half an hour.

It’s interesting, just not what I was expecting.

It feels like they deliberately wanted to start slow and then pick up the pace with each upcoming episode.
The groundwork has been laid.

My three year old daughter at the time about ROTJ told me that ‘teddy bears talking is just silly daddy’ about the Ewoks therefore she never wanted to see it again. :rofl:

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