Life on two wheels: the motorcycling thread

We’ve had one of these on previous iterations of the forum, so let’s have one here. Anyone riding these days, or thinking about it?

I’m coming back to Australia next month and already find myself scouring gumtree every morning looking for my next bike (or two).

Here’s my cycling gear grind. I use my Vespa once or twice a week, and my observations are that since the proliferation of home delivery of services has ramped up in the past few years, the worst fellow motorists out there are fellow cyclists working for Deliveroo or whatever other silicon valley shitcunt organisation they’re being bled by. Pushy fuckers taking liberties in one’s lane.

Are they worse than cars though?

Obviously less dangerous due to the nature of the weapons involved, but generally worse behaved I reckon. More likely to break the rules.

Where’s arlo when we need a succinct summation of the cultural challenges inherent in the life journey of a typical Deliveroo driver?

What are you looking at Ed?

I could be persuaded to part with my Inazuma. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really sure yet. Something naked, small but not tiny, and with a flat seat at the request of the missus. The last criterion means there isn’t really that much about unless I go for an older 400 Four or similar, so I’m weighing up a two bike strategy with a city runaround that meets the criteria and then something a bit more fun for the weekends. But I probably need a job before I can buy two motorbikes.

If you had a scorpio I’d take you up on it for the cheap rego, but no one in their right mind would choose an Inazuma over a VTR

5 grand out the door. I needed reliability for 65km each way when I bought it. I can go back to my 125 now thou. It’s a smooth, boring, reliable piece of kit.

The flat seat thing has you about fucked thou.

It just means I get to ride a thing of beauty and spend half my time and money at the mechanic’s.

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I’ve been riding this for the past few years:

Only had sports bikes before this, but am very much enjoying the relaxed switch to a cruiser.

I like your purple helmet/orange handlebars combo.

Who’s the guy on the black bike? He’s bigger than Janko!


Lol. That black bike looks sweet though

Just saw the styling of the new (2017+) SV650, which wasn’t around last time I bought a bike. Can’t say I’m not tempted…

Saw this outside my local cafe the other day… first time in a long while I’ve seen a bike that’s made me miss riding


Took this for a ride today. Might buy it on the weekend so any thoughts would be welcome. Cheers

If it ride ok then it’s not a bad get. Seems to be a lot more parts for old BMWs these days. Have you got somewhere lined up for rego?

Happy to take a suggestion. I’ve found before that if you go to a car place they tend not to look too closely. I’ll probably do it somewhere near home so I can legally ride the bike there,

It sure is pretty, I just don’t like BMW’s personally. Is $5k a reasonable amount of its got 63,000km and 1981 model? That seems high to me but my knowledge on older bike valuations is lacking. How did she ride though, comfy and good seating position? Gears smooth or old-school clunk?

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It’s pretty, it rode well and smoothly but just around the block a few times because it’s unregistered. Owner is properly in love with the bike which is always a good start. It’s certainly cooler than anything I’ve ridden before. I’m also skeptical about the price, but it’s the cheapest one advertised in the country at the moment, so maybe that’s just what these things are ‘worth’. I’ve managed to just about break even over my last half a dozen bikes so if I have to take a hit somewhere it may as well be on something unique.

Hmmm, just about talked myself into it.