Macarthur FC Thread

Thread for the new side

South West Sydney Macarthur-Campbelltown Corridor United FC is the way to go.


Do they have any direct ties with the Rams? They could do worse than hijacking their youth setup.

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NRMA could buy the naming rights!

Would be an epic troll of RBB

Heard they are going with black & white strip, should be called MacArthur Magpies FC

They are recruiting the RBB,they dont have any worthwhile games to go to.

As a resident of macarthur who has large reservations of how successful they will be, I’d like to see them use the macarthur rams branding and colours (maroon/light grey) would give them different colours to the rest of league and provides an easy tie to the community.

Campbelltown Cosmos?

Badgerys Creek Badgers


I’m a bit disappointed it’s not Canberra but I’m not as fussed as others on having a third sydney team. But wanderers vs us will always be the sydney derby

Also would have liked Canberra but certainly not that fussed. Interested to see what the rivalry between WSW and SWS becomes. If SWS end up with a variation of ‘west’ in their name, it will surely invoke rage from western suburbs fans.

Black and White stripes please.

I hope the MacArthur fans brand Wanderers as “East West Sydney”.

That would be a solid move I think. It already serves to demonstrate the value of the expansion clubs for providing coaching opportunities.

McARFFA united fans will call Wankerers North Sydney(cant bare them!).

South Western Sydney Wanderers

Being born and raised in the Macarthur area (and having recently moved back for family reasons) I am really happy that the bid got up. It is a serious growth area and is a bit of a footballing area… NRL is the most supported but football is the most played. I have often thought that the dad’s take their kids to football on a Saturday morning and then head home to watch the Wests Tigers in the evening … but there is a chance that a local professional football team to support could really change that.

My biggest concern at the moment is the talk coming from the bid chairman who is equating people like Jedinak and Ante Milicic as ‘being from the area’ and ‘understanding the area’ when both aren’t actually from the area… well not as people from Macarthur would understand it. So it feels like it has become a bit of a Fairfield/Liverpool bid masked as a Macarthur bid to get their hands on the stadium as Campbelltown Council were behind the original Macarthur bid and would be charging next to nothing for the stadium and facilities (athletic centre next door built for the 2000 Olympics). I think if they were wanting to make sure Macarthur is engaged they should be chasing down people like Paul Reid and David Carey and Sarah Walsh, all people who played in Macarthur (and played for Rams) and getting them involved. They do have Emerton who also played for Macarthur so that is a good thing.

I would even go a step further and suggest that co-opting the Rams branding might not be a bad idea - - football in the area has always been associated with the Maroon of the Rams – I think it would be an easy sell to the local footballing community. I am worried about some minor campaigns to have the team play in black and white as a hard back to the Magpies…

I am also not sure why any WSW supporters would be crying foul over this, they are far from having a monopoly on the area, in fact – I know many more Sydney FC fans in the area then WSW fans and anecdotally see Sydney FC jerseys (and number plates) around more than WSW ones. Interestingly, my nephew who plays at Rams in the junior sides told me that there are more SFC fans in his team then Wanderers (came up when they were playing SFC). People from C’Town and Camden and surrounding areas really have very little to do with Parramatta or Blacktown – it is quicker to get to Wollongong.

I would be partial to a harlequins jumper.

not even possible…

Seems to be that most people online are quite keen to go with a combo of Maroon (Macarthur) and green (Sth Districts)… which i think will work.

I sincerely hope that they go with the simple Macarthur United FC…

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