Macarthur FC Thread


That would make sense, but I’d love West or some derivative to be in the name to just to annoy EWSW.

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So something like this


It seems like black and white is by far the preferred colour set up by people posting on Macarthur’s facebook page. This is primarily due to the Magpies legacy in Campbelltown – which is quite stupid as they were a NRL team who set up shop for maybe 15 years of their 100 year existence in Campbelltown. I get that people want to evoke this nostalgia but calling yourself the Macarthur Magpies and wearing black and white to try to get old league supporters who never turned up to Magpies games anyway excited but this seems very short sighted.

The bid team have also confirmed that black and white is their preferred colours and bizarrely, that they count Bankstown as one of their engagement areas. Early days but to me there is a few worrying signs that the bid team might be pandering to the wrong people.


They are appealing to people who might support an a-league football team. It is all wrong; there is nothing but wrong all the way from the top to the bottom. If there is any differentiation between one group of supporters and another it is that some groups are more wrong than others.


Yeah - what you wrote makes no sense :confused:


Rams and Rovers touted as potential names and Ante Milicic also linked in this article


Most people I speak to from Macarthur just want a simple Macarthur United FC type name. Rams will work only due to the historical significance of the name and the tie in with the current Mac Rams - but i am not sure how that would work legally or from a FNSW / FFA point of view.

The community forums will be interesting as these things can sometimes attract the fringe dwellers of common sense and tend to bring some weird and strange people out of their caverns


Wasn’t Rovers one of the names thrown about for Western Suburbs before they joined?
I recall a group showing up for one of our games at Parramatta, maybe the Aloisi header into the broken net against Perth game, with a banner and shit chants.


Yes, Sydney Rovers was the precursor to WSW, not to be confused with our esteemed poster of the same name.


As for the Toast Ultraz…


Nicky and Emmo both look like they’ve eaten a lobster each despite having a shellfish alergy. What happened to their faces?

WSW fans will be jealous as hell if Milicic goes there. They attribute a lot of their early success to the fact that he was the assistant coach in those first couple of seasons.


How about a name like South West United


The general ‘vibe’ in the area from all the prospective fans I know is that nobody wants ‘west’ in the name hence why Macarthur is favoured. I suspect though that potential supporters from Liverpool area might not connect with ‘Macarthur’ so an expanded variation is what I would expect. I cant think of anything obvious that would work though


Camden Valley Way United haha

hell… Camden Valley United actually has a decent ring to it even though there is no such thing as the Camden Valley

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Georges River United.


Growth Corridor FC?

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Wester Sydney Rovers.


Southern Passage FC.


East Queanbeyan FC


Bus to Bowral Athletic