Malaysia, Bust or Busted? - The A-League where are they now thread

Adelaide flop Sergi “Not Pep” Guardiola has just completed a €5m transfer from 2nd tier Cordoba to Real Valladolid in La Liga.

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Real Valladolid have clearly fallen a long way.

But still have money to burn apparently.
In my OP I said that he transferred from Cordoba. They owned him but he was on loan at Getafe in La Liga this season where he made it onto the pitch 6 times for a total of 0 goals in 255 minutes.
I checked the table and Valladolid are 13th, 5pts clear of the relegation zone. An extra 5pts would see them 7th. Scoring goals appears to be their biggest issue, 19 in 21 games, only bottom placed Huesca have a worse record.
How they came to the conclusion that a striker who scores a goal every 2.5 games over his career and couldn’t get a game, let alone a goal, for a team in the same league beats me.

This article mentions a few: Where are they now? Former A-League Euro stars - FTBL | The home of football in Australia

Nikola Petkovic is a free agent

Holosko was with Slovan Bratislava, who are running away with the Slovak League, but his transfermarkt lists him as without club since last week. I wonder if that’s another retiree. Gun player, delivered in big games. Probably our most underrated marquee, but I’d think most serious SFC fans as on this group would all very much appreciate his value.


I’d take Holosko back in an instant

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Actually hell I’d take Petkovic back also

After the 2015 GF, no way.

Holosko was a superb player. Id second that hes loved over here but the broader Sydney FC fan under rates him massively.


Holosko was one for the purists. Superb technique, great eye for reading the game and drifted in and out as necessary, as well as being a selfless team player. I’d have him back in an instant.


After this, he’ll always be welcome back:


“I have always been portrayed as this gangster… especially on my own social media”.

Haha I came to post the same article.

“My mum said to me ‘please son, that’s enough of the face tattoos — go and get them lasered off.’

“I have been thinking about it. I am sick of the bad boy image. I will still be the same person — but maybe for people who don’t know me, it might just change their thoughts about me.

Yeah so I’m a bad boy, but I’m sick of people knowing that.

I love to hate on Bulut as much as the next guy. But I genuinely feel some sympathy here as he was touted as the next best thing but it is a story of wasted potential and poor decisions, no doubt stemming from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background.
I’m sure it won’t win me many fans here but if he genuinely wants to turn things around in his life I hope he sticks to it and does so.

If it was the first time he said something along these lines then yes he would deserve the benefit of the doubt but it’s not.
While I agree that his 4 year ban is too harsh, he’s the last person who should be playing the victim, you don’t just tattoo teardrops under your eye because you feel like it.

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I’d love to be the one lazering those shit tattoos off his face.

‘bout time we competed with the other codes for column inches.

Are there any titles won while at MV which can be stripped from the club?

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Between Caceres, Elrich & Nichols, maybe I should change the title of the thread to Malaysia & Busted.