Malaysia, Bust or Busted? - The A-League where are they now thread


played a few years at the Mariners as well. We are developing a lovely ex-stable of druggies, crims and boozers.


That’s funny. I’d never have picked Caceres was a bad dude. Well apart from the whole tard connection I guess. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that business


Come on down, Ken Ilso!


From the other (wrong) thread…it never ends!


Astonished he’s been allowed out on bail given the seriousness of the charges. If they’re all true, he’s going away for a looooong time.


Bob Malcolm has chosen a slightly more wholesome route


Good on him. At least he’s doing it to help someone out, rather than seemingly needing it as a desperate job. If it was the latter, I’d be pretty sad for him.


Former A-League star?


I just sat through the League Two playoff game between Tranmere and Forest Green, both only promoted from the Conference in recent years so it piqued my interest on Kayo seeing one of them will go to Wembley and have a shot at promotion.

The second best team on Merseyside prevailed 1-0 via this absolute fucking cracker, but I noted Forest Green featured one of Kenny Lowe’s former boys at left back in Joseph Mills. He ranged from pants to bog average for Perth, amazing to think this time last year he was there instead of Davidson, but at least he’s found his level and is doing well there.

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Joseph Mills has spent many a season in the same squad as Alfie. It’s Alfie’s turn to sign someone. Just saying…


Good to see. Hopefully other lads follow his lead. Rainbow strip with him as marquee?


LOL at Ross McCormack getting a salary increase because Villa are back in the EPL.

His agent pulled off an absolute worldie negotiating that contract.


To be fair, I’d imagine that would be a relatively common clause for players at clubs with even a small chance of promotion, as well as dropping their salary if the team gets relegated.


I thought that was in most clauses, drop salary when you get relegated, increase when you get promoted. Adds extra incentive to play well, plus means you’re not stuck with an inflated wage bill with less tv money if you drop down


Former Nux player Alex Gorrin could be heading for the MLS: Motherwell star Alex Gorrin transfer target for Atlanta United and Toronto FC

Toughed it out for a bit. After leaving the Nux he went to Boavista where he didnt play before joining a Romanian side before securing the Motherwell move where he did well.


Apparently Bulut is back in court today, charged with affray after a brawl in Darling Harbour in December. I’d missed that one in amongst his coke ban.

Yep, really turning things around you fuckwit. :joy:


Still celebrating that goal that was denied?


Anyone remember Tyler Boyd from the Nux from a few years ago? He’s now playing for the US in the Gold Cup, pretty random.


Singh is playing for Bayern Munich in the friendly against Arsenal.