Man bites dog: weird and funny news

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exactly what a clone would say

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Meanwhile, in Mount Druitt …

What is it with Kmarts? I worked there when I was younger and we once had the manager gather us all together and tell us to be extra careful because a nearby Kmart had been robbed by someone with a crossbow.

It comes up as subscriber-only for me.

Here’s the article.

IT’S weird enough hearing about one freak occurrence of a “flying cock” hitting your car as you’re driving along a North Coast road.

But three separate incidents? That’s very unusual.

Felicity Durham’s story about her “hilarious” encounter with a “flying cock” has gone viral on social media, and this week she spoke to The Northern Star about what happened.

In what is possibly an even stranger turn of events, this was no isolated incident.

Ms Durham said cocks had been “popping up everywhere” on or near that same stretch of road.

"It was just after the bridge on the left as you take the Ocean Shores exit, north bound,"she said.

"One of friends has had the same thing happen.

"They were hit by a flying dildo at the same place.

"Another friend showed me a picture of this little pink dildo that was left on the side of the road in the same place.

“That’s three incidents … it’s crazy.”

Has anything like this happened to you? Let us know, email [email protected]

Ms Durham’s encounter happened on Monday afternoon, when she was driving from Brunswick Heads to her home at Ocean Shores.

“My car was struck, breaking my headlight cover, by what I thought was a cockatoo,” she said.

“So naturally, I turned around at the Rajah Rd roundabout to see if it was. But what I found in fact was a “King Cock”, not a cockatoo!”

One of my favourite stories of the year:

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Check out the name on this useless bint

Bring back the bad name thread!


I guess this goes here

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That was embarrassingly bad