Mass stabbing attack in Bondi Junction

5 victims dead.
1 attacker shot dead by police.

Multiple other victims in hospital including a baby/young child.

Guardian reporting four dead.


Tamsin Rose
At least four people have died at the incident at Bondi Junction.
It is not known if that includes the attacker.

Just fucking awful.

Yeah apparently two suspects. One’s been shot and the other is still on the run apparently,

Is that the guy on the run or the guy that was shot?

I’m only hearing the 1 suspect, the guy in the pic above and he has been shot by police

ABC saying 2 suspects one on the run.

Guardian saying that was a mistake and it was only 1.

2m ago09.08 BST

It appears that reports of a potential second attacker are incorrect.

Police were sweeping the shopping centre conducting searches, but believe there was just one attacker.

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They got that from an ambulance worker supposedly

Sounds like the coppers got there fast and stopped the first/only guy.

The one that was shot by the Police Officer.

Unsure if he was shot dead or survived.

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Police confirm it’s a single attacker, and he is deceased.

Five victims dead. More in critical condition in hospital including the baby.

Attacker dead.

Sounds like the officer may well have saved alot of people this afternoon.


7 deaths confirmed, including the attacker. Expected to rise.

The 9 month old baby who got attacked has undergone surgery in hospital.

It’s mother is one of the six killed. :cry:

Just fucking awful.

The perpetrator has been identified as a 40-year old man, but not been formally identified.

How does that work? If you know how hold he is, you should know who it is.

I assume thats Police-speak for “We know who he is, but we won’t release firther information until we’ve raided his house and know why he’s done it”.

All that means is that haven’t released the information yet.

They also need to let the family know.