Melbourne Skelpers - They hate Victorians


David Carney - 5
Mark Bridge - 5
Alex Brosque - 5
Bobo - 4
Shane Smeltz - 4
Sebastian Ryall - 4
Adam Le Fondre - 3
Steve Corica - 3
Alessandro Del Piero - 3
John Aloisi - 3
Karol Kisel - 3
Milos Ninkovic - 3
Filip Holosko - 2
Marc Janko - 2
Shannon Cole - 2
Yairo Yau - 2
Bruno Cazarine - 1
Bernie Ibini-Isei - 1
Joel Chianese - 1
Nick Carle - 1
Rhyan Grant - 1
Dwight Yorke - 1
Brandon O’Neill - 1
Terry McFlynn - 1
Ranko Despotovic - 1
Richard Garcia - 1
Brendan Gan - 1
Iain Fyfe - 1
Joel Griffiths - 1
Juho Makela - 1
Pascal Bosschaart - 1
Aaron Calver - 1
Terry Antonis - 1*
Leigh Broxham - 1*
Stefan Nigro - 1*

*OGs in finals.


The player with the most A-League goals for Sydney FC who never got a goal against Melbourne Victory star next to his name was Sasho Petrovski, 14 goals but none with that priceless * beside it.

Siem de Jong is the highest scoring active player not to get the goal against Melbourne yet.


Hopefully Brosque gets a final chance tonight to at least join Carney and Bridge at 5 against that lot.


This is going to need some serious maintenance in the morning…


Loved checking the first post to ensure every goal scorer was correctly updated :grin:


Nice work, @CountArach!
Just one request - is it possible to highlight currently active players in bold or something?


The only missing ones should be OGs. I’m going to record OGs in finals as well. It just feels right.

@RoryBunk - Yeah good idea, will do.


I love that calver managed to sneak one in just before he left.


OG for Nigro last season too. Same game as Antonis’s.


Interesting that all three by Ninković were this season.


Yeah, don’t quote me on this but I think he’s the first player on our side to score in this fixture three games in a row.


Thomas Deng has scored at least one own goal, possibly two.


I’m just going to keep it to Finals games I think, to avoid cluttering it up too much. Of course this belongs to everyone, so if people want me to make it all games, I’ll do that too. Alternatively I can just scrap the OGs altogether. It just makes me feel better about that particular game…


Maybe have another thread for those ones that also incorporates some of their finest acts of contributing to their own demise? The Melbourne Self-Loathers?
Agent Behich’s GF miss, Clank and Valeri’s crossbar challenge winner are 3 standout options for the list.


This has to go on the list as well. It was incredible to experience at the ground.


My avatar is my all-time favourite SFC photo.