Melbourne Skelpers - They hate Victorians

Adam Le Fondre - 6
David Carney - 5
Alex Brosque - 5
Mark Bridge - 5
Bobo - 4
Shane Smeltz - 4
Sebastian Ryall - 4
Milos Ninkovic - 4
Steve Corica - 3
Alessandro Del Piero - 3
John Aloisi - 3
Karol Kisel - 3
Kosta Barbarouses - 3
Filip Holosko - 2
Marc Janko - 2
Shannon Cole - 2
Yairo Yau - 2
Bruno Cazarine - 1
Bernie Ibini-Isei - 1
Joel Chianese - 1
Nick Carle - 1
Rhyan Grant - 1
Dwight Yorke - 1
Brandon O’Neill - 1
Terry McFlynn - 1
Ranko Despotovic - 1
Richard Garcia - 1
Brendan Gan - 1
Iain Fyfe - 1
Joel Griffiths - 1
Juho Makela - 1
Pascal Bosschaart - 1
Aaron Calver - 1
Anthony Caceres - 1
Alexander Baumjohann - 1
Terry Antonis - 1*
Leigh Broxham - 1*
Stefan Nigro - 1*

*OGs in finals.


The player with the most A-League goals for Sydney FC who never got a goal against Melbourne Victory star next to his name was Sasho Petrovski, 14 goals but none with that priceless * beside it.

Siem de Jong is the highest scoring active player not to get the goal against Melbourne yet.

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Hopefully Brosque gets a final chance tonight to at least join Carney and Bridge at 5 against that lot.

This is going to need some serious maintenance in the morning…


Loved checking the first post to ensure every goal scorer was correctly updated :grin:

Nice work, @CountArach!
Just one request - is it possible to highlight currently active players in bold or something?

The only missing ones should be OGs. I’m going to record OGs in finals as well. It just feels right.

@RoryBunk - Yeah good idea, will do.


I love that calver managed to sneak one in just before he left.

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OG for Nigro last season too. Same game as Antonis’s.

Interesting that all three by Ninković were this season.

Yeah, don’t quote me on this but I think he’s the first player on our side to score in this fixture three games in a row.

Thomas Deng has scored at least one own goal, possibly two.

I’m just going to keep it to Finals games I think, to avoid cluttering it up too much. Of course this belongs to everyone, so if people want me to make it all games, I’ll do that too. Alternatively I can just scrap the OGs altogether. It just makes me feel better about that particular game…

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Maybe have another thread for those ones that also incorporates some of their finest acts of contributing to their own demise? The Melbourne Self-Loathers?
Agent Behich’s GF miss, Clank and Valeri’s crossbar challenge winner are 3 standout options for the list.


This has to go on the list as well. It was incredible to experience at the ground.

My avatar is my all-time favourite SFC photo.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Melbourne Skelpers leader - Adam Le Fondre! He has scored 6 times against them in 7 appearances.


Praise be!
Also, Brosque should be listed above Bridge.
There’s a tie breaker around not becoming a twat.


Alfie hates the southern fairies everywhere he plays


That’s a pretty loveable list BTW