Melbourne Victory - Tales of a 6roken c1ub

Why has no one gone straight through him… and that is just because he is playing in a fucking beanie…


I would have made Jules man mark him. Jules likes ankles.

He also likes his foot in other people’s ankles …


I’m shocked he didn’t have a fake moustache to go with the beanie disguise.

Unbelievable there’s no punishment for that by the way. We played a game this season against a team who fielded an ineligible player from another club and they’ve had the book thrown at them.

No punishment from Australia’s Shame because accountability’s really not their thing.

ESFA are investigating, I’d imagine there will be club level punishment, but really, what are they going to do to Arzani?

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So his mates recorded it just to make sure it definitely got out? Or is that a Loko associates video?

I’ve only seen the photo, which was by a Loko player as I understand it.

If you’re a pro footballer playing AA6s and fucking around with nutmegs, you absolutely deserve to get run through


Even more so if you play for Melbourne and you do it in the republic