Memberships 2018/19

Somewhere to discuss membership figures and any questions about membership packs.

10,971 members at the moment according to the official tracker:

Does anyone know how this breaks down by full memberships and each stadium memberships?

mine arrived yesterday… wow what a rollercoaster for the last 13 years…

and my eldest son just received his first the day after his 6th birthday… so fucking proud right now!

fridge magnets are still shit as ever… this has become such a joke on here… we all had a big laugh when it fell straight of the fridge… oh how we laughed

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I always find that the stuff they send isn’t particularly useful. Is it possible to just ask for minimal items in the membership pack (card, lanyard, magnet with fixtures) and save the club the money on merch, and ease environmental costs of yet more plastic which is of no use to the recipients?
I should probably reach out to DT for that.

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I’m sure Shane could arrange that if you asked.

Big shout out to the memberships team for the kids’ lunchboxes, which are really cool and useful.

Agree with the earlier poster about some of the less useful merch stuff - always thought we could implement a points system based on years of membership - eg on first joining, get a scarf; after 3 years get a proper cap (rather than the annual flimsy one); 5 years get a polo; 10 years a jacket of sorts… better stuff less often. I’ve got a drawer full of sfc membership scarves and caps that haven’t been used


The magnet is great! I’ve got all of ‘em up on the fridge and enough that the kids are starting to put them into team formations!

The caps are always rubbish quality, the scarves are a bit better. The kids wear ‘em and are happy with them, though I never do.

I like the incremental gifts idea for the longer you’ve been a member.

I don’t mind the scarves being rubbish as a decent quality scarf is too hot over the summer anyway.

The satin ones that they had several years back were actually good in that regard. You still had something to hold up, but they were light and didn’t really warm you up.

Used them to dry my seat a couple of times too after the inevitable game played after torrential rain.

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Finally got around to looking at the seating map, Bronze members look completely shafted at the SCG.

Has anyone used the seat return option yet? Looks like a pretty good initiative, particularly at Jubilee.

The toddler memberships are fantastic: my 3 year old loves her customised pillow case and room sign :slight_smile: :girl:t2:

Received my replacement cards yesterday so hopefully can get in on Saturday without the hassles we had at the SCG.

Don’t have a need to, but I’m really glad that they’ve done it. I asked about this in a members forum about 5 years back. Obviously from the clubs perspective there was very little need for Allianz, but at Jubilee and Leichardt it allows the stands to be packed to the rafters, even if members don’t turn up, so a really good result.

Don’t go Saturday - you’ll be a day early

He can just camp out on the hill. He’ll be fine.

Wishful thinking on my part I guess, I hate Sunday games.

ACL memberships have gone on sale, at least for existing members.

Pricing seems very reasonable.

Shut up and take my money.

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