Memberships 2019/20

Just got the email saying they are almost ready to send out.

According to this we are at almost 8000 members, which I believe is slightly behind this time last season:

We had about 600 more this time last year.

Concerning signs for Western United, or early days?

I cant shake the feeling that they will be gone in 2 or 3 years. I dont know the area at all, but it just doesnt seem like an obvious place for an A League side. I hope I am proven horribly wrong.

They’ve only played one pre-season game so far, so honestly I’m impressed they are at a thousand.

Every other club would have the auto renewal members boosting their numbers at the moment.

Just pulling the number out of my arse, I would have thought that e.g. a Canberra or Gong would be well over that.

Wu put their memberships up really late, but I also have concerns for their future

Not sure where else to put this but according to the Cove Facebook page tickets for the away derby go on sale on the 13th and Active tickets will only be sold to Cove members who are members by Monday.

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One ticket per membership for active as well, numbers look to be a little larger than the old stadium but are still very limited.

This stadium is ours
This stadium is ours
Built with our taxes
This stadium is ours



hopefully the whole away end will be pretty “active” anyway. Really interested to see our allocation and exactly where we’ll be standing. Hoping for upper tier somewhere, we will make a lot of noise.

Anyone who wants a ticket to this but doesn’t have a Cove membership, let me know. I do have a Cove membership but am not interested in attending so whoever wants it will be welcome to the ticket. Either you use my code/membership or I will buy it and send the ticket to you, whatever is most convenient.

Someone who wants it should use it, let me know!

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It appears they are charging $55 for away day tickets for the first derby.

Is it confirmed that they’re on sale tomorrow? I’ve not seen any e-mail from the club.

That’s what we were told, I assume the email will go out tonight?

Email has arrived. :+1:

I’m sure the act of purchasing tomorrow will once again be a complete and utter shitfight but.

I’m sure it will be as always!
$50 for an adult away is a tad pricey

I’m still willing to offload my ticket to anyone who is interested in getting amongst it. Let me know if you want the code I received in the email.