Memberships 2020-21

Anyone know when the seat selection opens for Saturday’s match against Brisbane Roar?

There is no seat selection, use your member card.

Awesome, thanks. Good to be back to using our cards again :slight_smile:

Members email:
As COVID-19 restrictions ease, we are pleased to advise that all Full Season Members no longer need to pre-register for tickets to attend Sydney FC’s A-League home games.

Starting from this Saturday against Brisbane Roar, all Full Season Reserved Seat, Cove and Bronze General Admission Members as well as Part Season Cove and Bronze Members(Flexi, Out of Sydney, Junior Blue Buddies) can also use Membership Cards for entry. Reserved Category Flexi Members have been separately notified they still need to reserve seats.

There are still some COVID-19 restrictions that you must be aware of in stadium. Whilst you are able to scan in and go to your Member card allocated bay, you are not yet guaranteed your allocated seat as you must keep a one seat gap between yourself and any other group. If you’d like, you can refresh your memory of bays in advance of the game here.

We thank you for your support through the last 12 months, and we look forward to welcoming back even more Members this Saturday for the return of Bobô!

As always, if you have any questions please contact your Membership Team on 83145101 or [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Sydney FC Membership Team

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Anyone know how to access the member’s pre-sale for the Semi final tickets? I haven’t received any email link.

Same… I’m on Ticketek website and it says Member pre-sale should be on now, but no button that allows me to do so

Like this?

I was told when I called the membership team this morning they were awaiting advice/confirmation from APL before sending out an email to members. Hopefully we’ll have it soon.

Tickets can be bought now, no mention of the 50% reduction for members but.

Check your email, I think there’s a specific link you need

Don’t worry about the cupholders, pourage rights and LED curtain. Our new digs better come with in-house ticketing so we can fuck Ticketek off forever.

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Got an email about 30mins ago with a link and a unique code, so you should receive one soon.

Yep, got the email and tix bought. Good value with member discount… though I think they’re doing the trick where your usual Silver seat is platinum, but I guess you get that…

I took great delight in Ticketek’s incompetence working in my favour when they let away fans redeem free tickets for the Bankwest derby :joy::joy:


Got this in my email receipt for the membership pack:

You’ll now get to choose the items you want to receive in your Membership pack. Launching in August, we’ll send you an email notifying you of our new online Member Shop where you can choose a range of new personalised Sky Blue items for the season ahead.

This is something some of us have been asking for for ages. Fingers crossed we can just elect not to get all the plastic bullshit.


8 fridge magnets please


The club always listens, love it. :+1:

Now that The Cove Shop isn’t doing facemasks anymore maybe the club can do them as part of the member pack.


The caps this season just finished were really good, I thought. Best I can remember.


If we can’t attend games until Xmas at the earliest - how do you think the club should handle our membership fees?

  1. Refund
  2. Keep
  3. Use against a discount next season