Memberships 2022/03

Just a quick question on memberships.
There used to be various benefits like 10% discounts with our partners for members.
Is there anywhere I can see where these are? Cant find anything obvious on the club website, and am about to hire a van from our friends at Kennards.

Discounts on Sydney FC Merchandise (10%), Clinic Programs (20%), Club Events (20%), and Extra Match Tickets (10%)


Access a 12 Month Paramount+ subscription for a Member exclusive price of $75

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Thanks. So it looks like there aren’t any these days, alas

The sponsors are -

Star Casino
Kennards Hire
Bank Of Sydney
Glad Group

I reckon at least a few of those might have some tie-in promotions for members throughout the year?

Since we’ve been sponsored by Fujitsu for ages, when do we get Tubby Taylor doing promotions for us?

I don’t know if I should email the club but the club website is a shambles as far as looking into memberships is concerned.

On the main home page, there is no link to ‘tickets’. You need to click on ‘fixtures’ to then see the tickets link. Probably should have a stand-alone ‘tickets’ link from the home page.

And there is no link to ‘memberships’. You need to click on ‘fans’ to then see a link to ‘memberships’.

However the five options under ‘memberships’ section are:

None of which are a straight forward link to a memberships brochure, telling the prospective member what the prices are for Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze memberships.

To get that information, you need to be patient and try the ‘Allianz Stadium’ option, and click on ‘Five Facts about the Allianza Stadium’ option.

This tells you all about the benefits of the new stadium, and right at the end, it has a link that reads:

Find out more about the stunning new Allianz Stadium or chose the perfect Membership for you at our [dedicated website now.]

When you click on that, and scroll through about 10 pages of graphics, it then leads to ‘SEE OUR 2022/23 MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES’ link.

You think you finally found what you need? Nope.

The page introduces a rather unfamiliar ‘Tunnel Club’ (which costs $2,290 per person) and ‘Clubhouse’ packages and a couple of other choices including ‘Family Section’.

But most people just want prices for Gold/Silver/Bronze memberships right? To get that, you scroll to the bottom of this page through more graphics, where a link says “View Our Packages”.

You think you got there in the end… you’re determined to join as a member and are probably the last one standing.

This page then re-introduces the ‘Tunnel Club’ and ‘Clubhouse’ memberships, before finally showing you the package prices for Gold/Silver/Bronze.

By this point I was 15-20 minutes into looking into a new membership to bring my dad to games. I suspect a majority who are not determined as me would have given up (including casual fans curious about joining as a member for the return to the new stadium).

So I give the website 1/10. It would be perfect if the goal was to discourage potential members with a bloated, graphic heavy website (which I bet cost a pretty penny too), that hides the basic membership package information through a myriad of links in a maze of a website.

As I type this I’m convinced I should email the club, which I am going to do now. I hope they take feedback seriously.


Shane wrote back, to point out there is a direct link to Memberships on the website. It’s right at the top and I somehow missed it this morning at 6am…


I was going to reply to a very similar effect yesterday that I’m always terrified to raise something like that because there will be a fuck off massive button sitting right in the most prominent position in the screen screaming at me with the exact scenario I require and I’m missing it.

FWIW, our club’s very on-brand adherence to what is a pretty soothing colour scheme can be problematic for calling things out at times, either on the site, in emails, tweets etc.

The lack of a seating map to the SFS… checks website… is pretty annoying for mine.
Leichardt and Kogarah still there FFS.

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Its under memberships/22-23 packages

Insert Homer meme here


[quote=“RoryBunk”] I’m always terrified to raise something like that because there will be a fuck off massive button sitting right in the most prominent position in the screen screaming at me

That’s me this morning lol

After 12 years on Cove/Bronze memberships, I’ve upgraded to Platinum.

Please don’t suck this season!


Enjoy your shitty pre-game give-aways


Platinum is now 4th tier though… Tunnel Club, Clubhouse, Platinum Plus then Platinum.

I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here, though I do sometimes think I might not be receiving all club emails (a few times recently people have referenced a club email that wasn’t in my inbox or spam folder).

Has there been any mention yet of membership cards or member packs? (Not that I care too much about the pack - except for the fixtures fridge magnet, of course)

And similarly, any word on a members P+ discount/promo code for the coming season?

I kind of feel like in previous years we’d have heard something by now.

Not sure whether to be worried because the season is only few weeks away; or relax because the season is still a few weeks away.


I don’t think I’ve seen anything either. It’s not just you.


Relax, it’s not 3 days before kick off yet!


I enquired about Paramount+ last week and was told the club is still waiting on Paramount to provide those codes but they would be sent to members as soon as they’re available.


Got my 222 Cove heights membership today. Age has progressed my place higher up the stand…

All smiles.