Movie Thread VII: Adrian's Revenge


Saw Widows the other day - great movie. Brian Tyree Henry is worth watching in anything.


I need to see that one. If people don’t have access to the sequel the the first Paddington movie is equally soothing.


Thought the pacing was fantastic actually and they kept as much in as they needed (Nearly an hour was cut from and earlier print apparently - a lot of be restored in a directors cut being released next year that I’m keen on)

But to tell the story of the man in totality and to really paint a picture of him, thought it was all necessary.
Highly recommended the book its based on too, by the way.


Agreed that First Man was excellent.

Mortal Engines, on the other hand. What an absolute mess of a movie.


Hearing it’s been a big flop and could be the main contender for Worst movie of 2018.

I thought the trailer looked ok but a bit scrambled and rushed. Maybe that’s the theme of the movie throughout.


Finally caught A Star Is Born… Pretty good. Great acting from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

I didn’t realise that it was Andrew Dice Clay who played her dad in the movie!


Saw Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse with the young fella.

It was outstanding. Best superhero movie I’ve seen in a while.


Nice… Been thinking of taking my young fella to go watch it.


The only bummer about it is imagining what might have been, if they had been kept on to direct the Han Solo movie.


I don’t quite get what it is. Is it a kid’s movie? Does it have any tie-in to existing MCU or Sony Spiderman movies?


There is a ‘Marvel Animated Universe’ which exists separately to the MCU, but its pretty incoherent compared to the DCAU which is very well structured and carefully developed.


It doesn’t really “tie in” with any other movies. But it absolutely acknowledges them, sometimes directly. It definitely isn’t that thing that Jubal linked. But it does deal with the idea that there are different universes (it’s right there in the name). It relies on a certain amount of Spider-Man zeitgeist, it totally knows that this is a thing that’s been around back to the 60s. In a way it’s out to break that stuff. But it’s clever and funny about it. It’s respectful enough of Peter Parker that those diehards shouldn’t fee hard done by.

Is it a kids movie? Yes? Probably in the same way Star Wars and the Lego Movie are? My 10 year old enjoyed it. You wouldn’t have to be a kid to enjoy it. I’d say it’s aimed at millennials - lots of pop culture references, etc.


Just got home from seeing the new Spiderman. That was a great film, certainly the best of the Sony Spiderman films (I still personally prefer Homecoming). The animation is gorgeous and I honestly can’t think of another film that looks like it.


Anyone watched Birdbox on Netflix at all?


Films I’ve seen recently -

Creed 2 - if you love sports films, especially boxing films then this is a great one. I think it’s better than the first one which was also fantastic.

Ralph Breaks The Internet - fucking hated it, took my 7 year old who thought it was “okay”. Everything which was good about the first one is gone, it feels like a very long ad for Ebay.


Yeah watched it on the weekend. I thought it was ok.

Kinda like A Quiet Place but substitute in visual issues compared to noise issues. Think The Happening as well.


Watched it and loved it… Great plot and the visuals were spectacular.


It’s funny, thought birdbox was good, but nowhere near what the hype is. I’ve even got people at work talking about how terrifying the movie was, I don’t think I even flinched once.

Interesting note, the main house was actually the Manson house

Was reading that according to the book, the school for the blind is actually more sinister, with the people there actually taking their own eyes out, rather than just simply being born blind


I guarantee the “hype” was nothing more than a Netflix viral marketing campaign.
Birdbox was OK but i didnt think it was anything new or original, can’t complain too much i guess at least it wasn’t another sequel, Disney remake or fucking superhero movie.


I watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix. Highly recommended, it lives up to the hype. I was absolutely pissing myself at times but it still carries a decent emotional weight to it.