Movie Thread VII: Adrian's Revenge


That water scene though. Insanity.:eggplant:


Just watched Free Solo. It’s a documenatry about Alex Honnold, the bloke that climbed El Capitan, nearly 1km of cliff face, with no ropes or harness. Incredible stuff and amazing footage but he’s definitely not a normal person though.


I saw Captain Marvel yesterday. It would be somewhere in the middle of my ranking of all the Marvel movies, which means it’s very competent and quite funny but maybe not as compelling as some of the others. Brie Larson is great though.

It also may be the point where I’ve hit superhero fatigue, though.


I think the Avengers film will be the fatigue point.


It’s a fantastic doco. Bloke is definitely mental, and his missus is a bitch


They’ve certainly extracted as much as they can from that genre. Now Hollywood seem to be shifting their focus to music/pop star stories. Obviously Bohemian Rhapsody has been a hit (in terms of viewership, despite some poor reviews), the Lady gaga one (a Start is Born) was popular and I just saw an ad for Rocketman, a movie about Elton John.


Sounds good to me. Would much rather watch some music bio than a super hero movie. If done properly of course


Netflix is finally taking on the The Dirt (after many studios tried and then ditched it), the Motley Crüe book turned into a movie as well. Aussie Daniel Webb is playing Vince Neill, Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton from Game Of Thrones) plays Mick Mars, David Costabile (Wags from Billions) plays Doc McGhee, and other notables in various roles.


heard they’re doing a sequal to Bohemian Rhapsody . It’ll start with the Live Aid concert and go forwards from there


So we’re just going to watch him die as all the stuff after Live-Aid because what is left especially as they’ve already diagnosed Mercury with AIDS (which happened well after Live-Aid).


The sequel will be called Live-AIDS.


Ooh you’re a bad person himmelblau.


I saw Us over the weekend. Fantastic film, maybe not quite as good as Get Out but way more open to interpretation and a really interesting film to think/talk about. It blends slasher, horror, thriller and a bit of comedy brilliantly with some amazing performances.


Caught it Saturday night - really enjoyed it too. Loved the use of humour to break up some of the tense scenes.

I’ve not seen Get Out, but the friend I was with raved about it, so will be sure to check it out.


I liked it a lot more than get out.



Rise of the Skywalker teaser…

I fucking love Star Wars, but I am feeling incredibly jaded and fatigued with the saga at the moment. This trailer didn’t do much for me, until I heard the laughter at the end. I was live streaming from the Stars Celebration panel, and then Ian Mcdiarmid appeared on stage as the trailer ended and did his Palpatine voice. Was immediately excited again. Kept well under wraps by JJ & Disney until then.

This trailer raises a tonne of questions. Is Rey actually a Skywalker? Is Ben/Kylo redeemed? Does Luke come back? Is Anakin no longer the chosen one? I feel like there is a bunch of ret-coning about to occur


The problem is JJ Abrams didn’t do The Last Jedi and I’m going to guess that Rian Johnson just did his own thing and now JJ Abrams has to clean all the shit Rian Johnson left on the plotlines somehow.

I know its simply a teaser, barely saw one thing worth getting excited about. I’ll go to watch it at the cinema for completeness sake, but I’m not expecting to see a good movie based on that evidence. Even the first trailer of The Last Jedi showed much more at this point.

All the laughter thing could just be an indication that Palpatine is a Force ghost, much like Yoda (and I’m guessing Luke) is.


There was a really lengthy and honest interview with JJ during the week about Star Wars and a bunch of other things.

He said that the one of the most challenging things about Episode 9 has been that the directors had freedom to take the story wherever they wanted in each movie. He said there was absolutely no structure and no story outline. That to me summed up the Sequel trilogy in a nutshell.

He also mentioned that things occurred in Episode 8 that he wouldn’t have necessarily done, which made fitting 7 and 9 together all the more difficult.

I feel like episode 8 is always going stick out like a sore thumb when watching the complete saga back.


Depends on how Ep 9 goes, I suppose, but maybe a new Star Wars machete order could well omit Ep 8 altogether, much in the same way Ep 1 is rubbed out (unnecessary, not that relevant to the whole picture, etc).


I went to see Burning this arvo. It’s a South Korean psychological thriller which is a wonderfully engaging slow burn that will make you think on the way out. So much going on and so many potential interpretations of the film.