New Travel Thread - everyone gets a upgrade

Enjoyed the previous version of this thread and just as I think about booking a Tanzanian journey thought I would bring this baby back to life. Am pretty lucky with contacts in Dar es Salam who will organise everything so all that’s left to do is to book flights. Alternatives to Dubai for a stop over? Anyone done Joberg in late summer?

Not late summer, but beautiful city nonetheless.

Was around Christmas time when I was there. Absolutely cracking days during the day, late 20’s, then we’d get these amazing storms come through pretty much every evening.

Qantas flies direct to Jo’burg from SYD

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Joberg is thoroughly unremarkable as a city to visit but probably a better option compared to Dubai.

Not a feasible choice for your Tanzania trip, but I was impressed with Ethiopian Airways when I visited Zimbabwe last month. Lot of new 787/A350s in their fleet, although the airport at Addis Ababa is struggling to keep up with all the growth.

It’s a long shot but has anyone been to Karuizawa? We are heading off there soon and if anyone has hot tips on things to do etc I’m all ears.

Jo’burg is a horrible city but some great safari lodges are within a couple of hours drive. On the way there is also the Cradle of Mankind which is an amazing attraction.

Looking for a good wine region to stay around Bordeaux and any links to accommodation for five people.

I went to a wedding at a chateau in Haux, which is just east of Bordeaux. Also stayed in St Meard de Gurcon which is more towards Bergerac. Tiny place, basically a few shops and a church.
Would defo recommend finding a nice house for the group in a similar small place - there are loads of wineries all over that region. Call ahead as they may not be able to take people at all times. Château Pierrail was particularly good - had a group of two cars full and they gave us a full tour and basically gave us a few bottles to drink/taste at the end.

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Looking to go West to East in America in August/September.

Going for about 6 weeks, Aiming to go LA, San Fran, Vegas driving to all, then flying to New Orleans, Miami, Washington DC and New York. Any other must see stops on the way across?

Wouldn’t mind getting to Cuba but not really sure of the process if anyone knows?

In New Orleans, go to the French Quarter only to listen to jazz at Preservation Hall everything else is tourist trash, instead see live music at Tipitina’s and eat at the Bon Ton Cafe on Magazine, have the crawfish etouffee

Man, I’m drooling…

The food there is awesome, my personal favourite in New Orleans is the Barbecue Shrimp at Pascal’s Minale, its the only decent dish there though, but so extraordinarily good.

I am off to New Orleans the week after next. Appreciate the advice!

Been ages since I booked a hotel, what’s people’s preferences? Booking websites or direct through the hotel?
This is for Brisbane away in Feb & fancy a bit of comfort but no more than $120 a night in the CBD…is that a reasonable expectation?

I get worried about getting screwed over with booking companies. Book threw a third party and they can cancel with essentially zero repercussions and the hotel doesn’t have to do anything to help. In saying that, you can get some good deals

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Vietnam recommendations? Looking at 10-14 days in May. Not a clue what to do. Interested in French influence and at least a couple of days of generic nice hotel at a beach chilling (time of year not ideal).

You need to hit up Nashville, fantastic food and music scene.

Visiting Cape Town at the moment, beautiful city (tourist areas at least) and felt pretty safe getting around, though literally the last time walking back to the hotel before we head off to the wine region today two guys tried this scam on us (basically they told us the road was closed and we would have to go get a “walking pass”, which turns out to be go to a secluded atm and they steal your card once they get your PIN). We walked on and no harm done but mildly unnerving as we didn’t know whether it was a physical or otherwise threat.

Turns out not physical but I dunno, if we did actually follow what they wanted us to do I feel like when they got to telling me to put a card into an ATM I’d have figured it out by then - but I guess different people react in different ways when under pressure.

One of the guys even had a security name badge and hat on! Must have been legit, I told the other guy we had no idea who they were and he said but the security guy is here. No, a guy wearing a cap and a name badge is here…

Edit: In the spirit of the thread name, thanks to Ms Simo’s birthday today we have been upgraded to a cottage in the wine region, complete with free beer, wine, spirits and a plunge pool in more than acceptable quantities

Down Shoalhaven way over the weekend - any recommendations around places to eat/drink would be most welcome.

I’m heading to Scotland in a couple of weeks. We have a fair bit of the trip mapped out already, but keen to hear of anyones suggestions. Going to do a Celtic Park stadium tour, so there’s a tick off the football list.

If you’ve been to any gin distilleries that were really good, I’d be keen to hear about it. Also if you can recommend a good place to stay in the Isle of Skye, as well as somewhere between there and Glasgow.