Newcastle Jets: rap battles pending

Gutting news as Johnny Koutroumbis has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Not something any 20 year old should have to go through.

Yes terrible. Let’s hope that catching it at Stage 1 means he will beat it quickly and permanently.

Yeah that is fucked. So scary.

Jets are possibly up for sale if anyone has some spare change:

Jets and ROD to part ways. Despite the content of this article I assume it’s because they’re looking to cut costs (see above post):

What’s the sfcu verdict on him? I think the negatives around his temperament pretty much completely cancel out the benefits. You end up with a decent but not great striker on balance.
He wasn’t a marquee was he? Maybe on as much as Alfie? Not worth it if so.

Do not want under any circumstance. He’d be a much better fit under Muscat.

Oh yeah, I don’t want him at our club. Just seeing whether other people rate him.

I’d only take him in the highly unlikely situation that Alfie leaves as they are exactly the same type of player. If Alfie stays, as expected, and we’re looking for another striker option off the bench then it needs to be more of a target man style of player, not a like for like.

As for the rest of the league (Melbourne, Perth & City excluded) it may well take a 1 + 1 deal where he is outside the cap in 2019/20 and in-cap in 2020/21 to secure him.


  • He has a goals per game ratio of 1 in 2 over 4 seasons playing for teams that finished last, last 2nd and 7th (it could be argued that his suspension at the start of this season is what cost Newcastle a higher finish).
  • He will be 34 next season and doesn’t have a long injury history so his performance shouldn’t drop off
  • He will have been here for 5 years come July 1 so will not take up a visa spot


  • Temperament
  • He will be 34 next season so performance may drop off and you’d be stuck with him on big coin for 2+ years

He’s a natural fit for WSW and exactly the kind of player they have been missing (for 8 years). I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up there if he stays in Australia.


I didn’t realise he was so old.

JOWIC with stars in his eyes.

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I hope the Destruction in the Box guys bookmark this content for their season preview. I assume they’ll be all over it.

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Imagine your club letting a starting 11 player miss a month of pre season because he’s some soundcloud rapper wannabe? Give me strength

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Football is an unforgiving cutthroat business, where young men are spat out and left behind. Given that, it’s pretty understandable that he wants a backup career in the stability of the music business.


Good to see a club more comical than ours at the moment.

Nick Fitzgerald’s old man:

Was that to pay Nick’s junior rego fees then?


They jets have now mutually terminated his contract, but agreed on an upgraded deal if he returns to football :joy:


They are becoming a bigger joke than us.

Reminds me of the time the Eels threw big money at Hopoate Jnr after his missionary stint. I mean, all power, do what you want to do in life. But blokes missing hugely important years in their development should be coming back on minimum wage and trialling again, not falling back into a cushy deal based on past reputation and potential that will now likely go unfilled.

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