NFL Thread - the inches we need are everywhere around us

I see the Dolphins are trying to match their 1972 17-0 season with a 2019 0-16 season.

AB arsed by the Pats after one game. :rofl:

An amazing self destruction

Disappointing ESPN no longer has Red Zone on Monday mornings.

It’s now broadcast on the Sky channels that were showing the EPL last year.

Nailed on to continue this week. While initially quite complimentary to the Pats he’s since been smashing out batshit crazy tweets that Trump or even Mack would be proud of, including taking aim at Bob Kraft’s rub & tug adventures.

No doubt the change in tone coincided with the Pats advising they weren’t going to pay the first instalment of his sign-on bonus, $5M of his $9M “guarantee” is due to be paid today. Strap in and have your popcorn at the ready.

Honestly can’t think of another pro athlete who has self destructed so needlessly and so publicly.

Yeah same… Seems to have been a call from the NFL themselves to cut ties to try and make more people jump on NFL Game Pass.

Yeah fair enough I guess. Bummer. ESPN are showing two of the Sunday games in full as well as the Sunday Night Football game which is good. Just enjoyed the train trip into work cutting across all the games. I have enough streaming that I dont need to jump on Game Pass as well right now.

Red zone was brilliant but the coverage on ESPN is still pretty decent

Nice to the 49ers at 4-0… Big test coming up against the Rams next.

5-0 now…
Rams had a great 1st drive but then the Niners machine took over. Some great stops on the Rams trying for 4th down conversions. Especially one on or goal line.
So far so good. We haven’t really played anyone at the top of their game as yet. That’ll be the real test.

They monstered the Rams. Just gave up nothing. Impressive. Defensively anyway. I still have question marks over Jimmy G though.

So Myles Garrett just tried to kill someone on the field :exploding_head:

You gotta think that is a life ban + probably jail time

It was just crazy stuff!!

So Garrett is suspended indefinitely (at least until end of season), pouncey who punched & kicked him after is suspended for 3 games, ogunjobi suspended 1 game for pushing the qb over from behind. Both clubs fined $250,000

Colorado State @ Wyoming - at kick off it was -11 degrees!

My bro flew out on Friday for Boston. Going to the Dallas v Patriots game on Sunday afternoon(Monday morning here). He’s also going to the Bruins game on the Saturday night.

The weather at the patriots game is shocking. Unless he is in hospitality he needs to have taken A LOT of warm clothes (I borrowed a sleeping bag when i went a few years back)

Bruins at the garden is a great experience - he should try and get celtics tickets and complete the hatrick