Other Australian clubs in the ACL - 2020

Melbourne host Bali United at 7:30 tonight.

Here’s hoping for an exhausting evening involving Extra time and penalties. Ideally a morale-sapping shootout loss, but I can take a morale sapping shootout win for the league’s sake.

Actually scrub that - the league is a basket case and doesn’t deserve 3 spots if these cunts are it. a 3-0 loss in extra time please.

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There should be better access to the SE Asian clubs into the group stage. Johor were great value last year with 2 good crowds until they were out and Bali would fill their stadium as well should they make it through. It would be a more interesting tournament than another Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Australian team.

Extra time and penalties please.

Tards are looking average. Elvis needs to startmaking career plans

Kamsoba is a fraud. This is going to end nil all, or hopefully a late Bali penalty off the back of an embarrassing refereeing error.

Tards win - more fixtures, struggle in the league.
Tards lose - there’s a funny chant about cheap beer on Friday and Tards lose.

Think I might have jinxed that

Let’s be frank, there is no way a pub team from Indonesia was going to beat them.

I was thinking along the same lines. But now, I think the best scenario is that they win this game convincingly (good for the A League in Asia) and then we go on and bake the biggest baguette the world has ever seen and insert firmly and forcibly into the Melbourne peach on Friday night to show them where they sit in the A League (although, they won’t want to do much sitting afterwards).

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Too many Bintangs not enough goals.

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Bali winning me over with that Indomie shirt front sponsor. Uni nostalgia.

Nice to watch a game without VAR.


I hear a Fuck Off Sydney chant.

Dont worry guys, we’ll fuck off with 3 points on Friday


Not sure where else to post this, but i’m reading that the Shanghai game to qualify for our group has been delayed. Depending on how long the coronavirus effects the region it could cause some drama for the ACL groups.

Tune in at 9 to see Melbourne get turfed out.

This reminds me to upload the videos i took at the Emperors cup final. The Kashima fans were great.

Also Bueno, their CM, is a real baller.

Oh he isnt even in the ACL squad. Oh well.

Rojas not in MV’s squad? Looks like Poulsen, Basha and Toivonen as the foreigners. The latter on the bench makes me think they don’t want the distraction of a group stage.

Toivonen has been labouring with niggles lately. I imagine they’ll throw him on late but didn’t want to risk him after that flight.

Looks like some freezing rain in Ibaraki tonight. That will do wonders for the Victory players!