Other Australian clubs in the ACL - 2022

Good news! Another reason to hate Victory

They play against Vissel Kobe 9pm tonight

I don’t have much love for Vissel Kobe and their attempts to buy success have been mostly enjoyable failures, but I would like to see them do Melbourne in tonight.

As much as I enjoy watching the Wanderers and the Victory get humiliated on any stage, I always want Australian teams to do well in Asia. God knows we’re due a team to go deep into the competition again.

I am 100% the opposite. Fuck 'em all.


Worth noting, tonight’s game is on 10 play

Fuck them, I hope they crash face first.

Vissel Kobe haven’t won a game in their last six outings?

Fun fact according to Wikipedia, Vissel is a combination of the words “victory” and “vessel”, in recognition of Kobe’s history as a port city.

Two clubs with names attached to the word “Victory”.

a World first?

That is a cracking goal

Ya what a shot.

Didn’t try to place that one!

Fucken Daggers

2-1 and you fucked it up, 2-1…

What is happening!?!

Sorry everyone

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Folami is far and above the best thing going at that mob. Take him out and they have nowt.

For.Kobe that Iniesta lad looks good. Kinda like their Milos I take it. Doesn’t work as hard though.


He’s like Ninkovic without the sex-appeal.


And there in read thinking the ccm game had some interesting moments

Looked a clear foul on the Kobe keeper for MV’s first (def copped an arm to the face) and pretty sure it hit Daggers hand as he went down just before Folami struck the equaliser.

Oh wells, clank incoming please.

Didn’t know this was on and looking at the score online - the last 20 minutes or so would have been awesome!


It was a good game. Melbs defended well. Didn’t do much themselves but when they did it came off. Very Poppa. But as we know, having a solid outing isn’t enough, and HAL sides often give it up at the end to the superior class of Asian clubs’ marquee players.

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