Paramount+ Announces Sky Blue: Inside Sydney FC


Should’ve partnered with Amazon instead.

Will I be able to pause and rewind the good bits?


It’s last season. There are no good bits.


Now here’s a great documentary.


Only Wilko and Grant left :cry:
Treasure them and forgive their mistakes as their bodies decline.


Such a dull year to create a documentary about… obviously, hindsight is a beautiful thing. Nonetheless, it’ll be really interesting to see the inner workings of the club (or what they were happy to air at least).

Better question is: can you fast forward to the end when the season finishes?

Be better if you could just fast forward the whole season

Just erase the season from the history books.

Can’t be shit when there’s nothing to be shit at.


Thank fuck Paramount are actual making some original A League content

Yep. They obviously started this project last year, and I’m assuming it’s focus on Sydney FC was because Danny was doing dual roles, so could easily push it through. Is shows that from the start they were focused on this type of thing, to be honest, I’m amazed that there was nothing mentioned of it in the past, especially given the criticism.

Hopefully it’s not the last.

Originally there was to be a focus on the club dealing with being away from Moore Park and the build up to returning home. (at one stage they were calling it “return to bay 23”)

Would be good to see this as a regular thing. A different club every season, a lot like what the NFL do with Hard Knocks


The Victory episode could be subtitled “Dive to Survive”


Great news. This will be good exposure for our club. Problem is it’s on Paramount+ not Netflix.

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Yeah, I think this type of content, at this stage anyway, is aimed at existing A-League fans to add more value to the platform rather than as an ad to attract new fans.

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Our latest bad season, surely showing that will stop the conspirac… yea nah.!

Still can’t wait to watch.

First ep out now. Decent production value, maybe not on par but not too far off the All or Nothing series.

Corica swears a lot.


I thought his range of emotion only went from pleased to disappointed.