Please know it's not a race - covid deniers need not apply

Going to be another shining example of talking without saying anything this morning.

I propose a “do the right thing” drinking game. Irish coffee at the ready.

Get ready for Melbourne to get screwed. Engagement party with a positive covid case attending. Plus they were joking about how they were breaking the law the pricks

Put them all in a camp together and let nature sort them out.

I wasn’t sure of whether curfews as implemented in Vic last year were a good idea, but it would have made that kind of shit (engagement party) much more difficult.

Anyway, let’s see where we are in a week now that we’ve made moves towards taking it more seriously over the past few days. The messaging is still a steaming turd though.

Although just announced 478 new cases this morning. If they could start reducing soon it would be appreciated

I actually don’t like the idea of curfews. I’ve gone to the shops multiple times post 8:00pm to try to avoid crowds etc. If you bring in a curfew, you’re forcing everyone to jam into the shops in a shorter period of time. Especially for those that are still working 9-5

Plus, realistically, later in the night, there’s less cars so police should be able to pull over most cars driving around can’t they?

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381 infectious in the community, I’m not sure that will be happening anytime soon.

Fuck these “journalists” are fucked… Why are they asking daily when the lockdown will end. Such a stupid fucking question.

Then SMH today posts an article: Why $5000 COVID fines might backfire. They discuss how big fines take an unfair toll on people that can’t afford them. As though people are being forced to break the law…


I would love to know the breakdown of how cases are transmitting in these high risk areas. Is it visiting other households, is it essential workplaces… I think this is quite important to know. This of course assumes the Govt. knows.

Last three days has really started making me think this is 100% away from us now. Having two children under 5 who cannot get vaccinated anytime soon, it certainly makes me feel like there is not much hope of ‘normality’ returning anytime soon for my family

Journalists at the press conferences are too focused on repeating the same stupid outrage and/or gotcha questions to extract genuinely useful information.


19 new cases in Canberra and lockdown extended till 2 SEP.

One case was an aged care worker who worked 3 shifts while potentially infectious.
Canberra has potential to blow up.
They still haven’t announced how it got here.

People on Twitter still claiming that patient zero is a drug dealer who went to Sydney to get supplies.
He has denied that.

I like the way ACT report cases since the last press conference, none of this till 8pm yesterday nonsense.

The horse has well and truly bolted. :sweat:

I reckon it’s 50/50 those questions are fed just so Gladys has a chance to repeat the answers. Back in July there was one bloke who asked every day what was happening with schools, either it was just allowing continued emphasis that there are a variety of factors in the data to be considered and no one number that would trigger decisions (because it was the exact same answer every day), or said journo is just a fucking bellend who was panicking over having to organise a sitter / daycare for his own devil spawn.

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Pretty hard not to draw class lines into this when you look at a map of active cases…

My assumption is that people in those areas are more likely to work jobs that require them to come in, they then take it home.

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With the complete lack of any other data available - I would assume exactly the same. Factor in language and cultural considerations that would also be in play in many of those areas… …

God this is exhausting. No end in sight to this shitshow. :worried:

Just wanna drink a tepid Cascade Light in a brand new SFS man


Wouldn’t most of these jobs now be shutdown? Apart from, specifically food etc.

Also Vic has now increased their restrictions. Construction down to 25% capacity