Pre-season games 2019

Here’s how PSG line up by the way:

Only 5 subs and playing in very hot weather. Please nobody get injured.

I had no idea Le Fondre’s first name was Glenville.

Is there any better sight than a football field inside an athletics track.


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Solid pre-game so far.


Probably worth linking this thread to avoid splitting the conversation:

They new jerseys are looking real nice.

Looking very tidy so far.

Thought we were very good first half, until I fell asleep haha.

Most importantly, we showed we are a fuck tonne better than Dynamo Dresden. Fuck Dynamo.

PSG barely got out of second gear I think. But we’ll done to our lads. They put in a super showing and if they play like that this season, with starters who were ill still to come in to the line up, we’ll do alright.

Not sure if they were not not trying hard but rather the heat was a factor. PSG certainly fouled us a a lot when beaten to the ball or when we surged forward. Normally a sign that they are trying. Thought we did very well in very difficult circumstances, even going beyond having some of our key players missing or shifted from their best position. Our season really starts in mid October, PSG’s in a week or two. They have been playing serious friendlies eg vs Inter in hot weather, we have taken on Dunbar and St George in Sydney’s winter. WGrant was best CB on the pitch and McGowan not far behind; Ninko and ABJ have the skills (if no longer the legs?) to match it with the world’s best. The youngest lads mostly did well or very well. Retre did exceptionally well for his first match in months. Caceres can do some good stuff higher in the park but can’t and won’t defend. We really need Brattan to win ball like Brillante did, and without fouling. Alf and Kosta work hard and are good at finding space. Hopefully, goals will come.

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A good summary. Next week is going to be a really good test for us, really looking forward to it.

Just noticed Fox are only streaming us v Brisbane, they’re showing Melbourne Knights vs. the Pissants on Foxtel.

Don’t they know who we are!

Remember they can’t show us to much favouritism otherwise everyone else will catch onto the FFA conspiracies.


So the streaming of our match is a false flag?



Waiting for the conspiracies if we draw either marconi or manly in ro32. Also apparently a fairly large international audience is interestes in our match for Robbie Fowler’s first match at brisvegas.

Also looking forward to the conspiracy theories should we not draw Marconi or Manly

Has anyone heard anything about if tomorrow’s game will be live streamed?