Pre-season games: Rest of the league

A thread to discuss pre-season games for the other clubs in the league, including the show piece ones like Perth or Wests.

Perth won 3-0 the other night with goals for Tratt and Popa’s sons:

Better than the McMahons…

Or the Edwards’.

Or the van Egmonds…

Mariners playing Manly Saturday morning at Pluim Park, Lisarow.

Excited for this one as my nephew plays for Manly.

Anyone else get a text message from WSW urging them to buy tickets to the Leeds game?

Yep. Clearly very desperate for numbers.

WSW offering my local club free clinics if we manage to sell 80 tickets for them at a discounted price lol. First game back at Parra looks like it’s gonna be massive…

I assume like all these pre-season friendlies it’s more a reflection on the money-grubbing promoter, but that’s still fairly amusing. The game went on sale last year and we noted here 6 months ago it wasn’t selling as tix were still available right on half way or smack bang in the middle of RBB after they’d already been on sale for 3 months or so.

They’ve had plenty of time to address it and shift more units, could’ve included it as an add-on to this seasons memberships etc. Instead seems they’ve left it until a week out and gone straight to full panic merchant.

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Got an email for cat a/b for 60% off

there’s obviously not enough sad old ex pats in western sydney compared to perth.

Mariners 4 v Manly 1

Somehow these pre-season games have more pomp than finals.

I’m impressed it only took 9 minutes to compare james to giggs

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“It feels like we’re in Europe with Manchester United out there.”

Yeah Europe is renowned for the AFL markings on its grounds.


Gee they’ve put a lot of planning into the commentary.
Talk about the Manchester United transfers.

It would be nice, and maybe it will happen later or has already and I missed it, if they talked up Perth’s achievements last season. Rather than belittling Perth, and hence the a-league, by continuing to drool over United and talk up “all their stars”.

Is it just me or has this been a notably worse game than most of the other times A-League clubs play Premier League opposition?

Edit: finally a goal. Lovely Perth stuff up trying to play out of the back.

How does basheer manage to mispronounce so many names?
While being employed to say names.

Not too many empty seats here tonight. Attendance is 50000.

So there’s 10000 empty seats. That’s a few.