Pro Wrestling Thread - Now We Conquer

I know there are some other big fans out here of pro wrestling and right now is the absolute best time to be a fan of wrestling that I can remember in almost 20 years of being a fan.

No “WWE Mania” anymore, the world is so much bigger and brighter than what is going on in New York, a thread title should reflect that.

And what better way to start the new era with the new slogan for wrestling in Australia, #NowWeConquer

Robbie Eagles is doing amazing things on tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Jack Bonza, Mick Moretti, Adam Hoffman were finalists in CHIKARA King of Trios tournament, Gino Gambino just debuted to rave reviews in the UK and Jonah Rock has a PWG title shot looming for sure. That’s just a tiny handful of the amazing stories coming out of the Australian scene of wrestling right now.

For anyone who was lucky enough to be at Max Watts last night for the PWA Colosseum show like I was, how amazing was it! This is a golden age for us as fans out here, I encourage anyone who is 50/50 about attending a show to get right into it. The next World Series Wrestling show in Penrith next month is already sold out, but PWA have their next event coming up in December.

Who around the world is catching your eye in wrestling? Who are the surefire breakout stars for 2019? What’s on your dream match wishlist for the next year?

I’ve been trying to get back into it, haven’t watched WWE regularly since maybe 10 years ago. Any recommendations?

If you still want to see some stuff connected to WWE, I would recommend checking out the NXT weekly shows and Takeover events. It’s high quality wrestling without endless segments of filler and BS.

Monday Night Raw for example is 3 hours long and that’s about 2 hours too many.

Outside WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling is the peak right now, all their big shows are now live with English commentary which makes it easily accessible.

It’s a great time for access, all the big (and medium, and small) promotions have their own streaming on demand service, all cheap and good value.

If you 100% want to know when the best time in Wrestling was then follow or checkout 90s WWE (@90sWWE) | Twitter and watch their clips!
WWE Attitude Era, RAW v NITRO, DX v NWO… Austin 316, The People’s champ etc etc.

Whoever the dude who came up with that Twitter handle is a fucking legend!!

I know we look back at the Attitude Era with really fond memories, as it was the craziest and biggest boom time for the business in our lifetimes, but I have looked back at some on the Network and really…the match quality is not high. A lot of the angles are actually pretty shit, trashy, and have not aged well.

Plenty of fun to be had in those times for sure, but if you prefer wrestling for the bouts themselves, 2018 shits all over the Attitude era for quality.

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The Attitude era has not aged well. It had some fantastic performers (especially on the mic and the monday night wars really blurred the line between a work and a shoot) but If you go and watch it now some of the segments are pure cringe and between the ropes its quite poor at times. This is to be expected considering this an era with heavy input from Russo.

Watched NXT UK episode 1, loved the setting (Cambridge Corn had a unique look to it) and the fans were in fine voice. Decent matches but I expect we’ll see a lot more in the future.

Cancelled the network a couple of months ago as I wasn’t watching any of the current product with the exception of next (ciampa v gargano series is the best thing they’ve done in a long time) I’ve got the progress on demand service now and I really enjoy that, I recommend anyone go back to the start and watch the story arc they did with Jimmy havoc is perfect.

I agree with the above post that the attitude era not being as good as remembered, current in ring product is light years ahead. Check out the attitude era podcast where they review every ppv from it, it’s certainly eye opening

I’m off to see Singapore Pro Wrestling on Friday. No idea what to expect.

The meaningful Midcard was one of the keys to the attitude era. The inability to focus on anything but the main fueds currently really string the 3 hours out.

All the best to Roman Reigns, terrible news

This. May not like his character, but truth be told he’s a great worker and seems a nice enough guy. Something you wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Just watched his speech… Damn that sucks… Hope he beats it well and proper.

Did anyone else pick up during Paul Heyman’s speech on RAW how he mentioned Lesnar walking into the “Octagon”??
A Freudian slip or more deliberate?
Refer this clip: YouTube around 2:56 mark

I got a message yesterday from my wrestling fan friend in Japan, our Wrestle Kingdom 13 tickets are bought and confirmed. January 4 in the Tokyo Dome, here we come!

Stoked for you mate

Singapore pro wrestling was great fun. 400ish crowd all up for a good time. Amateurs to pros. Enjoyed it more than any recent wwe event.

I didn’t watch it, but from all reports it sounds like the Crown Jewel show was a massive dud, as expected.

Shane McMahon won ‘The best wrestler in the world’ contest…

Looking at the schedule already for the next 2 months, this is going to be a top summer. The season of slams!

This is my schedule for wrestling over the next few months. Going to see wrestling shows live is the best fun, really takes the mind off any problems or troubles (of which I am doing my best to deal with many lately).

Wrestling GO: Face-off (Marayong) Nov 10
Pro Wrestling League: Project Revolution (Gold Coast) Nov 17
World Series Wrestling: International Assault (Penrith) Nov 26
Conco and the Fudge: Live podcasting (The Valve) Dec 5
PWA: Fridays are for the Babes (Max Watts) Dec 7
Wrestling GO: Iron Man (Marayong) Dec 15
NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 (Tokyo) Jan 4
PWA: The Fight for Black Metal (Max Watts) Feb 9

If the timing is right for any Newcastle Pro or IWA I will definitely head out to those shows too.

Evolution was great, crown jewel the complete opposite

Even without all the Saudi Arabia bullshit, it was just a terrible show