Pro Wrestling Thread - Now We Conquer


Chris Jericho vs Tetsuya Naito confirmed for Wrestle Kingdom 13. Intercontinental Championship on the line, will be a cracker!


Guilty of judging having not actually watched any of it, but has Jericho’s run in Japan been any good? Seems like he is trying really hard to seem relevant?


Actually I feel it’s a bit opposite. It feels like he’s really enjoying the freedom to do whatever creative stuff he feels like. It feels like a complete re-invention, it seems like he’s having a cool time with it, and doing some enjoyable stuff.

I’ve really enjoyed his matches, all three of them now (Omega, Naito, EVIL) have been good bouts, and he brings a cool unhinged presence every time he appears on screen or ringside.

I’d say if he wasn’t having a blast doing this, he’d have done what Mysterio (unfortunately, as I selfishly think), and take an easy deal with WWE to ride out a couple more years doing the same old thing. He’s not just doing some nostalgia act, he’s not rehashing the “Lionheart” or “Y2J” thing, he’s doing his own new thing and I’m digging it.


I think Jericho always managed to re-invent himself in the wwe as well, his last run with Owens and the festival of friendship was great (he got a scarf over for crying out loud lol). In New Japan he is just able to do it a way that Vince would never go for. I love when he heels it up for the Japanese press.


That’s very true, nobody up New York way has had the ability to change things up and remake who they are as well as Jericho did throughout his runs there.

I still have a real soft spot for the era where he slowly stripped away everything that the fans loved about him, losing the long hair, the flashy tights, the energetic promos and catch phrases. When he became a quiet, slow talking, black trunks clad heel, I never admired him more. He un-made himself completely, and made himself into an alltime great at the same time.

Might have to binge on some Jericho stuff tomorrow, got a day off.


You all just made the list!! :yum:


Well things have been shook up a fair bit leading into Survivor Series. Daniel Bryan surprisingly has turned heel and won the title from AJ Styles the other night so will be going up against Lesnar at the PPV.

The Smackdown girls invaded RAW the other night as well and Becky Lynch got her nose/face busted open by a stiff punch from Nia Jax… Still played through as a trooper and ended the show with some chairshots to Ronda as well as some iconic images of her in the stands shaping up and bleeding profusely. She subsequently had to (legitimately) give up her match against Ronda because of Concussion issues… Becky chose Charlotte Flair to take her place.
Nia Jax has been copping heat over the punch but it looks like the WWE are playing it out and she and Ronda have traded barbs with Becky on social media.
A blessing in disguise for Becky it seems. She’s getting some major attention now and her not being able to face Ronda yet will add much heat and drama to the situation and elevate Becky. She’s fast becoming a top draw and raising the profile of the women’s division.


I thought the Becky thing was going to just be storyline but it does seem legit. Nia Jax’s “punch” was a “pro wrestling” one too which just goes to show the how small the margin of error is. Becky v Ronda nailed on for WrestleMania now.
Is this also a sign of the WWE becoming more concerned about the long term effects of concussion?
Daniel Bryan beating AJ Styles is weird. AJ vs Brock is a much more appealing match. Wouldn’t be surprised if AJ is having a few “outside of wrestling” issues. He’s been non-stop since signing from NJPW.
The Roman Reigns issue has really thrown their storyline for the winter and it looks as though they didn’t have a plan B.


Indeed. The was talk of her being the modern day Austin, the shots of her with the crimson mask just pushed that idea further.


Here’s a shock, NXT Takeover War Games was brilliant

a genuine shock, Lesnar actually worked a match at SS


Super keen for World Series Wrestling in Penrith on Monday night.

Although disappointing we won’t see Joey Ryan or Cody Rhodes in action, the chance to see Robbie Eagles dethrone Austin Aries for the WSW Championship is enough of a ticket seller for me.


World Series was amazing, as usual.

Really glad I had the chance to see Walter in action and meet him, 24 hours later news filtering through that he’s signed with WWE. World Series is probably one of his last independent bookings before he heads to Florida.


PWA show on Friday night was insane, the quality of this promotion is off the charts. It’s the best thing to be a part of, and for their first show of the new year, January 13th I think, Jimmy Havoc is turning up.

It’ll be another must-see show, can’t recommend it enough.


I’ve been away from SCFU for a while now (didnt get to bask in the glow of Shonan Bellmares Levain cup win), but during that time i did a fair bit of wrestling travel. Did last Tokyo Dome in january, did all 3 nights at Budokan for G1, then went to a deathmatch show at Korakuen after that.

Am right now seriously considering spending a month over there so i can do Kawasaki v Sydney and Sakura Genesis in Sumo Hall. It’s probably very financially irresponsible… but man it would be fun.


That sounds like a perfect double reason for a trip over.

I’m heading over for WK this January 4, very keen.


The women’s main event threeway championship match at TLC was pretty insane. The ladies were taking some big bumps!


If you cut out everything to do with RAW, TLC was a great PPV


All Elite Wresting is now a thing. I’m assuming the talent won’t be exclusively signed and can still work NJPW as well


More good shows for us and more good places for good people to work, everyone wins here.


RIP Mean Gene