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Another good title needed. We know the drill with this thread though

I’m not sure, but I guess this is probably the best thread for it. I went to see Kyoto Sanga play Niigata today in a J2 fixture and I thought some of you might like some pictures/thoughts. Quality was lower than the A-League though the crossing was probably better. Lots of misplaced passes and defenders out of position. Both the home and away ends were in full voice though, even when the home side went down they just kept singing.

It was a 2-0 win to the away side. Both goals were from errors, with the keeper out of position in both case. The home side were probably better for most of the game but it was a classic instance of just not getting the final ball in and then spurning the chances they had.

So some pictures…

Home ultras pull over:

Big away contingent for this game. They made way more noise than the home fans and not just because they won 2-0:

A shot of the stand opposite me. The whole ground holds about 20k and even though it has a running track it still felt intimate and quite full even though there were only about 9k people there:

Away fans with their banners celebrating their win:


Former Cork City, Hull City, Blackpool and Republic of Ireland Under-21 Brian Lenihan on his life-or-death struggle with depression…

Bohemians of Dublin launch their 2019 away shirt.
Sponsored by Mr Green LOL

Reminiscent of Mariners “Sideshow Bob” effort from a few years ago…

gotta be kicking themselves now, although poor form from Inter not letting him go. I mean if it was next week, fair enough, but the game is in 2019

The game is this international break, the ACN is in 2019. Providing the Senegal FA have updated their e-mail address book he will be playing at the Cup of Nations.

ah fair call, misread that!

Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane have been punted by the FAI. Saying it’s by ‘mutual consent’ but was no great shock after their abysmal recent form.
O’Neill was reportedly on a salary of Euro 1.9M pa.
Big Sam is one of the early favourites for the job.
Edit: Mick McCarthy, 1.2 a season

Apparently Infantino is floating the idea of a World Cup every two years because the fixture list isn’t congested enough

Nah, UEFA would never stand for it.

Double the TV rights, gotta replace the cash they’re not getting through bribes somehow!

The Zamparini era is at an end after hiring over 40 coaches in 16 years.

Respect… Managing to convince a whole organisation he’s 12 years younger than he was…

Interesting read here about what happened with Poljak over in Romania:

River Plate have lost the Club World Cup semi- final to Al-Ain. So after all the Copa Libertadores hoopla they won’t be the team that loses to Real Madrid in the final. I assume the Abdulrahman who plays for Al-Ain is the same player who played here in the Asian Cup.

That’s a different Abdulrahman, I think (either brother or cousin tho).
The more famous one was injured IIRC and likely to miss the Asian Cup.

Also, if you haven’t yet seen Copa90’s doco on the recent superclassicos to end them all, you must.
It features no actual football, but is superb.


Rangers finally beat Celtic after copping a whole bunch of shellackings in recent years. Good to see a title race in Scotland for the first time in years.

The “We Go Again!” effect?