Random Football Musings



Modern football, eh?

Just read the Saudi cunts that killed Kashoggi are now looking to buy Glazer out of Man Utd, in order to wage a dick swinging contest with Abu Dhabi / CFG.

Perfect culture fit etc. But seriously, imagine being a United fan wanting Glazer out. Ultimate case of careful what you wish for…


Part of me wonders how much longer people will be willing to put up with these big money owners with poor human rights records coming in to their clubs. I think the next World Cup could be a big test of how much people are willing to accept these things in the name of entertainment.


Fucking A. I’d go as far to say that if the Saudis took over at United, they will lose a lot of support worldwide. That said, I don’t see it as likely at the moment. If memory serves me right, the whole “Glazer Out” movement really fizzed out after a year or two.


I know I’m being really cynical but I bet that a lot of people wouldn’t give a damn who the owners are just as long as the teams are winning trophies.


If there’s one thing which could make me dislike United more, it appears it is being lined up here.


Nailed it.


Continuing with the cunts in football theme, Sergio Ramos notched up his 25th red card over the weekend.


He’s only a grubby cunt if he isn’t playing for your team.



Does it mean we’re also going to be having Big Blues against Melbourne United?


Personally if I was Ramos I’d be getting bored by now at finding different ways of getting sent off. An overhead kick to the head of an opponent is extremely impressive, though.


Was reading that IFAB are going to issue a revised handball rule. Hopefully it does remove a lot of grey areas.


Hooray. It’s about time. :grin:

I’m hoping for something along the lines of “could you have reasonably gotten your arm out of the way” for the ones where “non-deliberate contact will still be penalised”. Any VAR review of same needs to be conducted using full speed replays.

Next up, timewasting. You could eradicate it overnight by allowing referees to add more time on. As in, you waste 10 seconds kicking that ball away, we’re adding on 1 full minute more now. Make it counter-productive to do so and it will end.


Yeah, don’t get me started with time wasting. Also, the cramp issue. Asian football is riddled with time wasting by players going down with cramp. Fitness is part of a winning team, if players are cramping then play either goes on, or the player takes a break on the sideline, or is subbed. I went to all of the games at ANZ stadium during the 2015 Asian Cup and in the final 15-20 mins of many of those games, when a team was in the lead the games became so boring and frustrating when players were going down: a streture coming out, player going off, player being waved back on again, and then a repetition of the process. Goal keepers were especially guilty of milking it, under the knowledge that the referee has to stop play if the goal keeper is injured.


I’ve always said that if play is stopped due to injury, the player should be forced to go off for a minimum 5 minutes. If it’s serious enough that you need to stop the game, then they shouldn’t be allowed on 10 seconds later


That seems absolute common sense.


And immediate yellow cards for shirt pulling, grappling and arm holding. If it is in the area, it’s pen. It’s football dammit.


I was watching handball the other week on Eurosport and they have a rule along the lines that if you’re injured not as a result of a foul that causes play to stop you have to stay off the court for three attacking plays by your team.

I would love to see something similar in football


Slightly off track but I think football could learn from netball where players are limited to certain areas of the field .and add some new rules. For example, only half the team can be defenders and only defenders can enter the team’s defensive third of the field. That’ll get the goals flowing