Random Football Musings


You could call it SoccerX.


So who is going to win at Chelsea. Manager or Goalie? Absolute scenes in the League cup final


Ridiculous situation. Goalie should be sidelined for a few weeks minimum.


Of course the keeper should be punished but he won’t be because he’s way too expensive while the coach was a dead man walking already.
I feel bad for Sarri but it’s good to be laughing at Chelsea.


Sarri, but both of them shouldn’t be Kepan their jobs after that…


Please no


And Kepa gets taught a lesson by Chelsea. Fined a whole weeks wages


that’ll teach him. that’s like me losing a 5c piece down the back of the lounge.


you have a lounge??? That’s ESFC for you… Next you’ll tell me you spend your afternoons with those soy milk de-caf monkey poo macchiatos?


hah. we are lucky if we get Nescafe Blend 43


And goalkeepers should have a bungie cord tied to their waist so they can’t move out of the six yard box.


Surely you just implement a rule where players aren’t allowed to move when in possession of the ball? That and all players required to wear short skirts


Also, all players are allowed to handle the ball.


Milos in a short skirt… hmmmm.


Vedran to be given special dispensation, no need for that cord now that he’s paralysed with fear anyways.


And if it is still a draw at 90 minutes, you keep adding an extra ball to the game every 5 minutes until one of them goes in the net.


Schalke are already on to this:


I’ve been binge watching this youtube channel lately. They have lots of interesting videos. This is their latest


This is a decent listen. Don’t be put off by the 1hr play time, his is the first story of 3 in that time.


Ramos has been given a two match ban after deliberately getting a yellow card in the last champions league game. He was at the limit and wanted to get the card and miss the next game in order to ensure he plays in the final series of the champions league haha