Random Football Musings

What exactly was the blow up over - I went back a few times and couldn’t quite figure it out - was it that the opposition were allowed to make a sub when Yokohama weren’t or what??

Very Kewell like interview at the end there.. you can only control about 80% of things in life, you cant control the weather and human error.

As far as I can make out

  • Yokohama were making a sub as a player got injured so they paused it.
  • Player got treatment and came off
  • Nagoya made a sub
  • Game was recommenced before Yokohama could get a sub on
  • Nagoya immediately score against 10 men
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They’d be appalled by that beahaviour, overt displays of emotion are considered embarrassing and insulting someone by claiming they’re cheating is a huge red flag. He could well be in trouble for this from the Marinos board.

Kewell just never seemed to be the right fit for a Japanese club, never mind a big club like that. He really should just come home and try to build his manager career in Australia, if he’s not too prideful to consider it. He didn’t cut it in England and is probably on his way to being a failure in Japan, as well.

:point_up: group d my favourite

Not a lot of flag variety in group d


Great to have another international tournament without Russia. If only the Olympics grew a pair


Quite interesting

Hey! Do you know how expensive yellow, blue, green and black ink is???

Lord help Albania.


Mak and his Slovakian team with a good chance of progressing based on their group

At least Netherlands and Luxembourg aren’t in the same group!

Im not sure about the flags in Group A, but the Swiss one is a big plus.



These puns in Group A are making me Hungary.

I’ll have to Czech group F for some Turkey sandwiches for lunch.

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Hopefully the Danes have better luck against a smaller nation like England. They got beaten by the big boys at the World Cup

You remind me of the house cleaner I once had. She’d take 5hrs to do a job that should have taken, at most, 1hr. It turned out she was a Slovak…

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I knew a bloke who rolled his ankle doing the vacuuming once. He had this weird lisp where he couldn’t pronounce the letter R.

He kept telling me he had gotten a Spain. I thought he was off on an overseas trip.

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Let’s go Irela…oh wait

Albania’s second team is Italy so no worries.

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