Random Football Musings

Just waiting for Mourinho to recreate this…


Stop watching football factory :joy:

62nd anniversary of the game that inspired the yellow and red card system we see today.

It’ll be his skin as long as he can negotiate a ~£30m release clause when he extends his contract in 12-18 months.

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Those poor bastards.

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Interesting documentary about Herbert Kilpin, an Englishman from Nottingham Forest who has been recently rediscovered as the founder of the famous AC Milan!

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Man City is suing the EPL, essentially stating that the laws brought in that stop multi-club owners from rorting the transfer system as well as stopping inflated sponsorships are purely directed at them. They’re saying that the democratic process developed by the EPL essentially targets them for their success. If successful, there’s talk that it may completely destroy FFP laws. The counter argument is that they’ve been supportive of all the new changes up until they’ve been investigated for all the breaches…

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It’s quite hilarious they’re going on the offensive to possibly neutralize the 115 charges pending against them

The longer it gets held up in the courts, the longer no punishment is given. It really is as simple as that.

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:arrow_up: recent Italian third division promotional play off final between carrarese-vicenza had the local apartment block with the best seats in the house. It was the first time the relatives were happy to accept the “one beer for you, one for me” entrance fee! :laughing: