Real estate thread

We used to have a real estate thread on the old boards, but it doesn’t seem to have survived the merge.

I’m potentially looking to buy in the next two to three years (have got the bank of mum and dad to help me with the deposit).

Anyone with recent experience dipping their toes into the market? Growth areas?

Stay in Sydney, or look at a regional centre - Newy, Gong, Blue Mountains etc?

I’m potentially thinking of moving the timeline up. With COVID measures easing up and the vaccines coming in, I’m predicting more growth with immigration ramping back up.

The property market on the Far North Coast is absolutely ridiculous. Houses aren’t even being advertised before being sold with people from the city buying sight unseen.
There is a big shortage of rentals as well so if you buying as an investment property then there is an overwhelming demand.
Depending on what your budget is there’s a few new estates opening up so you could look at building.

Thanks mate, that’s a good shout. Will have a proper look tomorrow.

edit: yeah, would be buying as an investment.

Short of winning the lotto, I have fuck all chance of buying a place on a single wage, whilst continuous governments continue to blow up the never-ending bubble which is the housing market.

Only hope was a covid collapse, yet prices are rising faster than ever.


Central Coast market is really picking up, but still behind the Sydney market. With so many people working from home now you’d have to think that the market there will continue to climb and get closer to Sydney prices.

The housing market at the moment in general is experiencing its highest growth rate for years. I’m looking at moving from a unit to a house and what was doable 18 months ago is no looking a lot harder.

Central West.

That is all.

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Still value on the Central Coast but it has also exploded. I live in the suburb of Tascott which is on the train line to Sydney. Tascott has seen property prices rise by 26% since June 2020, just eight months. Crazy stuff.

I have now earned more from my two properties in Tascott than what I have in wages the last twenty years, albeit property value on paper.

Prices out here have gone crazy. Almost no rentals available either because of the mine upgrade at Cadia.
Our build should be kicking off before the end of the month, cannot wait to be in our own place.

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I think I got my place bought in the nick of time.


we got ours a month before that crash a few years back. Lost about 20% of our property value :frowning: my best mate bough I think a week before the crash…

Unfortunate timing, for sure.

But on the other hand, I’m yet to discover a potential investment where you can double your money in 20 years, or potentially much less in a market like Sydney, that carries no risk.

Over the long-term, if you’re buying anywhere in Sydney, I don’t think you’re gonna be down.

I’m in the market for an apartment at the moment and luckily they don’t seem to be going in price like the houses are. Still I am trying to get in quickly because I’m guessing they will also go crazy when the borders open back up.

Anyway could easily go into the gear grind thread but Estate agents are really pissing me off. I’m looking online and over three quarters of the places listed don’t have a price mentioned but instead it says to contact the agent. Such a waste of time

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It’s a way to screen out people that are just window shopping. It’s a good idea to know generally how much places are worth in specific suburbs before even starting to look, that way you’ll know if the agent is deliberately under quoting.

Another good tip is have a look in areas you’re interested in on google maps and see if there’s any really weird and tiny suburbs. They can generally be overlooked, stuff like East Ryde and Queens Park, they’re in the middle of fairly large areas and most people don’t know they exist.

Also have a think if you want to renovate etc. If you’re handy, you can get a cheaper, more dated place and then put in a bit of work. When we got our place, we ended up putting in a brand new kitchen, ripped out some internal walls, painted the whole house, new lighting in the entire house and then completely new flooring for a total of $30k. We saved a huge amount by painting, doing the demo and having both my dad and her dad working in the industry (construction and electrical).

We are looking for property in smaller areas around Canberra.
We’ve always wanted somewhere with a bit more space and quieter.
The problem is tons of people selling up in Sydney and Canberra and doing a tree change or something are taking the nicer lots and starting to push up prices.

No substance, just a whinge.

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as someone who lives under a giant eucalyptus, tree changes are overated

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My wife also works at the hospital in the little town we want to buy in so she has already been accepted as a local.
She knows everyone’s mum and all the local shop owners etc
They all hate the new people from big cities buying places, but we are locals because she has nursed someone that everyone knows.

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I’m probably going to get a quote for double glazing this week.

I’m shitting bricks.

you should sell them, bricks are going for a premium


We got our glazing quote back a couple of weeks ago and i was surprised how little double glazing cost over single. obviously depends on the amount of glazing, but there was only about a 20% price difference

Unfortunately I’ll be replacing.