Remaining A-League Fixtures Discussion

I figure the best way to organise this is by dates given that the whole round system has gone out the door.

Saturday 18 July - 5:00pm - Perth vs CCM (CC Stadium)
Sunday 19 July - 7:30pm - Brisbane vs Adelaide (CBUS Stadium, Gold Coast)

Who knows how any of this is going to shake out? There’s going to be some absolutely wild scorelines I think.

Perth vs CCM is going to be one of those peak a-league classics with a bonkers 7-4 scoreline or something like that.
Brisbane vs Adelaide will be a park level 0-0 draw.

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Honestly don’t care what the scorelines are. Can’t wait to have an a-league game on nearly every day.


I reckon we just need one thread to encompass the rest of the regular season, seeing games are being played pretty much every day from now on until the end of the regular season.

All teams will be rusty, so its hard to know what will happen, but for what its worth …

Perth 4-1 Central Coast
Brisbane 2-2 Adelaide

Perth 6 mariners 2
Brisbane 1 Adelaide 1

I remember reading some where that the FFA is trying to make the game more viewer friendly. If that means preventing good technical players like Ninkovic and Davilla from being fouled out of the game by third rate defenders then I say “Bring on the see sawing eleven all draw”

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Adam Peacock just mentioned that we had a friendly against the Mariners (and won 2-1).

Ccm v Perth on now, poppa starts 2 of his sons

CCM look really compact and well drilled.

Does anyone know if that’s fake crowd noise being pulped in?

CCM are losing again

Shock horror. Tommy Oar at left-back got completely done by Ingham. Nice strike, though.

Nature is healing

CMM crowd average to rise during covid restrictions

Back in the Gold Coast with three sides closed. Its like Palmer never left.

Net broken and has to be fixed with masking tape. I have missed this league.

Both Adelaide and Brisbane seem to have improved since losing their coaches.

Yeah, pretty good game tbh.

Apart from the lack of goalmouth action, both sides have played some pretty slick stuff.

Adelaide’s passing has been excellent.

Slater has just been panning the laws of the game the entire match. I genuinely can’t think of a valuable contribution he’s made this game.