Remaining A-League Fixtures Discussion


Why even bother going overseas to get someone like Amadi-Holloway? Might as well get Matt Simon instead without wasting a foreign spot. And surely there are better target men in NPL1.

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Robbie Fowler didn’t know about the NPL…


Maybe if he did, he would’ve asked if he could buy any more houses there …


Yeah… I guess the Fowler/Real-Estate joke formula isn’t universal.


The young kid at holding midfield is quality.

The same could be said about Opseth as AAH. Nice finish, but fuck he can be totally useless.


As a general rule, the youngsters that have been given a go because of the extended bench and departed starting eleven have performed well.


No game tonight. pfft, they keep banging on about “one game every day for a month” but there are only games on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. That’s like A-League plus ACL. I demand more games!

Edit: Yes, I know that the other days were probably earmarked for fixtures involving the Victorian teams. Still not good enough.


no! Screw the Victorian teams for ruining the one a day format!


Bill’s cousin is out for the season with a foot injury


Tonight’s fixture is the Distance Derby. If Wellington drop any points we win the league.

Perth looked a bit flat without Castro though so I wouldn’t bet against the Nux.


The Nix were unlucky against us. They’ll likely have Davila and Hooper from the start tonight, so I’d back them to win.


If anybody needs a cure for insomnia, start watching the Distance Derby on right now. At least Wellington are trying to do something with the ball. Perth are incredibly dull.


Incredibly dull… Coached by Popovic.

You say tomato…


This is looking like a case of how many for Nux. That was so close to 3-0.


Come on Perth, bag an equaliser.


Perth deserved to lose that after an abject 50-60 minutes or so. I wonder how Poppa feels about Diego Castro. They could’ve really done with him in the last 10-15 minutes.


looking at the table below, our only challenger for the Premier’s Plate is Wellington and we would have to lose our remaining four games plus they would have to win their four remaining games and overcome an 18 point goal difference in order for them to claim the prize.

Positions 2 to 6 are still competitive and Central Coast are the only obstacle to the perfect Sydney FC table.


As previously mentioned, whilst it is possible for each individual team to achieve their Max Possible Points, it is not possible for all teams to achieve their Max Possible Points because they will be playing each other.


Welly really deserve second place and I hope they get it. It would be just rewards for their superb season after losing the first four games.

It will also be somewhat interesting to compare the pre-break period and the post-break period, when all is said and done.


Yeah, I’m picturing Welly finishing second. I just hope we can seal the premiers plate ASAP.


Interesting point here (I think), if Wellington finish second and we win the grand final, then do we have issues with ACL qualifying? Does the spot then go to the third placed team?