Respect Everyone, Fear No One - The Fight Thread

All purpose MMA/Boxing/BJJ/whatever thread.

Some great fights recently/ coming up, great time to be a fight fan.

Got tickets for Adelaide, shaping up to be a great card, much better than the recent offerings down here

  • Keen to see Jon Jones get back into it.
  • Bam Bam on the Betoota podcast was a laugh.
  • You hat happens next with Khabib and McGregor?

Seeing ONE and the UFC are looking at trading Ben Askren for Mighty Mouse. We are now living in the future

Weird trade. MM doesn’t exactly draw viewers but he is the best p4p fighter on the planet. While no doubt very good, unless you’re a fight nerd, Askren isn’t exciting to watch. Matt Hume coaching DJ would be a major factor

Should just get rid of the 25 division

What a cracker card, so many great fights.

Izzy was phenomenal, I can’t remember a single punch landing, and that knee to begin to finish was gorgeous. IMO he’s the only guy who can beat Whittaker with skill in the division.

The vannata fight was great, I enjoyed the roberson/marshland and the jacare/weidman fight was a war. DC carried out his game plan to a T.

What the hell, Floyd Mayweather is going to fight 20 year old MMA/kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa for RIZIN on New Year’s Eve.

Fingers crossed it involves kicks. Fight will last 30 seconds then.

One of our own, Andrew Webb, better known as Floss, is now the WBC North America welterweight Amateur Muay Thai champion, winning with a unanimous decision today.

So just about every Aussie lost on Fight Night 142.

And very controversial draw in Fury/Wilder

Unbelievable fight. Fury’s size made Wilder look like a welterweight. One for the ages.

Fantastic fight - Fury was fantastic. Got caught by Wilder but got up and carried on (Wilders face was brilliant when he realised fury was back on his feet)…

I had fury winning 9 rounds… losing 3 (obviously two of them 10-8) but he did enough to take the title

Max Holloway is a fucking beast

That was a great fight. Ortega too tough for his own good!

Some great fights at 155 for him. I’m keen for the McGregor rematch.

Anyone else going down to Melbourne for the UFC event in february?

I’m also heading to Singapore for the oneFC event a few weeks later, will be interesting to see how they compare to one another

The OneFC event in Singapore was really interesting. They don’t have a card of one discipline… the event i went to had four MMA bouts, two muay thai and one kickboxing on the main card. Production was slick, venue awesome (helps that singapore is so stupidly organised that even the beer line was nonexistant)

Only downside, one muppet coming to the ring to “baby shark” in a onesie. he got knocked out thankfully

I really like one. Great knockouts, Michael Shiavello, and now getting some great talent in all disciplines.

Conor being Conor

You mean a prick?


Tim Tszyu had a pretty decent showing last night. Went to the Casino to watch and he was quite impressive. Although Hodges winning in 20 seconds was hilarious. My wife was posting a photo on instagram and missed the whole fight